Bachelorette Spoilers: How Luke S. Vs Luke P. Ended

Luke S. vs Luke P drama teased in ABC The Bachelorette poster

MAJOR SPOILERS ahead from Bachelorette Hannah's 2019 season.

The Bachelorette Season 15, Episode 4 decided to pull that annoying trick where it continues the pre-rose ceremony drama to the next episode. [Shakes fist at sky] So the Luke S. vs. Luke P. fight that dominated the Monday, June 3 episode will carry over into Episode 5 on Tuesday, June 11. (Yes, Tuesday.)

Spoilers have already come out suggesting how Luke S. vs Luke P. ends. As you might expect, it does not end well for Luke Stone. However, you could argue that it also doesn't end well for Bachelorette Hannah Brown, since Luke S. reportedly walks out before the rose ceremony. If that's the case, I'd say Luke Parker wins by default -- even if Hannah was probably going to give him that win anyway.

Bachelorette Hannah seems quite taken with Luke P. And the perpetual Bachelor/Bachelorette problem of the star never actually being in the room when the bachelors/bachelorettes do most of what they do rears its head again. Hannah is only hearing things second-hand, and Luke P. has a way of spinning things that Luke S. might appreciate as a political consultant if it weren't affecting him directly.

There was already a lot of back-and-forth between Luke S., Luke P., and Hannah in Episode 4. According to spoiler guru Reality Steve, the Luke S. vs Luke P. drama culminates in Luke Stone feeling like Hannah is taking Luke Parker's side, so Luke S. just quits before the rose ceremony.

We should see that play out in The Bachelorette 2019 Episode 5 this Tuesday. After that, Luke P. and company fly to Scotland, where Luke Parker gets himself the next one-on-one date in Inverness. According to Steve, Luke P. gets the rose. You can imagine how well that's going to go down in the house.

Things apparently get even worse on the Luke P. front in The Netherlands, which airs just before hometown dates. Hannah reportedly backs Luke P. in a 2-on-1 date situation with Garrett. Garrett is the guy Luke yells at in the promo, when he says he's here for Hannah and Garrett will not mess it up for him. Garrett is said to be eliminated in that date, sending Luke to hometowns.

Apparently Hannah couldn't pick between her final four at hometowns and kept them all. Luke P. does reportedly get eliminated eventually, under very interesting circumstances at the Final 4, during overnight dates in Greece.

Luke Parker has already spoken out on social media, saying it's tough for him to watch himself on The Bachelorette, but it's giving him some life lessons to be a better man.

The Bachelorette host Chris Harrison warned of this Luke P. villain situation before the show started airing. Here's what he told E!:

What really creates the drama, what really drives this entire season and may dictate how this ends for Hannah and kind of reflects and affects the rest of her life, is the drama lasts. And it's about people she cares about. It's not just 'oh here's the bad guy, he's gone.' This thing festers and has to deal with the entire kind of undertone to the season. So that's what really is going to shape the season, and what I think people are going to take away.

Chris Harrison also sounded shocked by the amount of man drama this season. So far, we've had a lot of it -- including the premiere night call-out of Scott for not being there for the right reasons, Tyler G. quietly leaving, the pity rose stuff with Cam, and now The Luke P. Show. Time was, Jed admitting he came there to promote his music would've been controversial. Instead, he's praised for his honesty.

The Bachelorette Season 15 usually airs Mondays at 8 p.m. this Spring 2019, but don't forget it's airing next Tuesday, June 11 instead on ABC.

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