Big Brother Spoilers: There's Something Big Brewing With Christie Ahead Of Eviction

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Warning! The following contains massive spoilers for Big Brother. Read at your own risk!

As Big Brother ended its Wednesday episode on August 21, it was looking all but certain that it's curtains for Christie Murphy. Jackson Michie was ready to make a big move, everyone agreed that Analyse Talavera was the weaker player to keep, and even Tommy Bracco turned his back on his secret "friend" from outside the show. Christie could manifest her exit all she wanted as far as America was concerned. It seemed like there was no way she was escaping elimination.

Then the Taco Tuesday showdown happened, which may go down as one of the moments that changed Big Brother Season 21's trajectory permanently. While it initially seemed like Christie burned more bridges than she built "exposing" Nick Maccarone, it appears she's won the attention of the only person who mattered: HoH Jackson. Jackson and showmance partner Holly Allen are successfully convinced Nick is a bigger threat than Christie, and are now gunning for her safety over Sis.

"Okay," Big Brother fans may be thinking, "big whoop." After all, Christie can't vote her way back in, and Jackson can only vote if he has to break a tie. They still don't have the numbers to get a tie, but they've got a good shot at getting there with the low-key power player Cliff Hogg III working to keep Christie safe.

Strong words from Cliff, who had told Jackson and Holly he's on board with the plan, and relatively certain he can swing Nicole Allen to vote with him as well. There's also been talk of getting Jess in on the plan, which is something Christie was working on prior to this. Jess did recently tell Christie she was probably going to be voting against her, and has shown she's not afraid to go against the majority with her recent single vote in support of Kat in the prior eviction.

That said, Big Brother 21 has been all about voting with the house, and if Jess smells trouble in supporting Sis, she may just jump as well. Provided Cliff can pry Nicole from Nick and Tommy, that's the majority vote and Jackson wouldn't even need to break the tie. With that said we're far from this being a done deal, and once again, it seems like Nicole may be the swing vote that decides this whole thing.

So how's that going? Well, Holly is currently working on Nicole, who just dropped this little line that may have just been that vote they need for the tie:

Seriously, if Christie ends up escaping eviction in the eleventh hour, we all need to start manifesting the things we want to happen. If the rest of the HouseGuests were thinking clearly though, they'd recognize that an alliance between Christie, Jackson, and Holly is far more dangerous than Nick. These outsiders better start prepping for that next HoH, because they're all next once these two get rolling.

So where is Sis in all of this? Well, the beauty in Christie's plan is that Sis has promised very little in her campaigning, which is a large part of why she's most likely getting eliminated now. Don't worry, though, Big Brother viewers; Sis is seemingly okay with that happening because then she can just chill in the Jury House with her showmance partner and easily the most controversial contestant of Season 21: Jack Matthews.

Oh, Sis. It's like she's forgotten half-a-million dollars is on the line. Either way, there's nothing this season loves more than a guilt-free eviction. If Sis is in the habit of going around and telling people she's cool with leaving, it's probably going to happen. That said, there's still a lot of time left for everyone to change their minds two times over, so perhaps we shouldn't count out Sis just yet.

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