NCIS: New Orleans Season 6 Adds CSI: NY Vet In A Key Role

NCIS new orleans season 5 cast

Eddie Cahill in CSI New York 2013

Stop the presses, because NCIS: New Orleans is adding a brand new character whom fans of CBS crime drama should know and love. Don’t worry, I won’t leave you guessing. Joining the NOLA-set series will be Eddie Cahill, a series lead on NCIS: New York for all of the show’s nine seasons.

The only thing that would make this casting more satisfying would be if Eddie Cahill were popping up on NCIS: New Orleans as his CSI: NY character Don Flack, a New York homicide detective. This would likely make no sense given NCIS: New Orleans’ setting, but weirder things have happened.

Hear me out: Not only have the NCIS shows crossed over from one another, we’ve seen Hawaii Five-0 cross over with NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: Los Angeles cross over with Scorpion, both other CBS shows. Other CBS shows have had the best time crossing over as well.

Given that CBS is currently not giving us a name in regards to the character Eddie Cahill will be playing on NCIS: New Orleans, I’m going to go ahead and let my imagination run wild, although the ancillary evidence indicates this likely will not be the case.

As noted by executive producer Jan Nash, who spoke with Parade, Eddie Cahill’s stint on the crime drama will be a guest stint that will involve Lucas Black’s Christopher LaSalle. LaSalle’s brother will get mixed up in some sort of trouble, and Nash says Eddie Cahill’s character will somehow be involved with that, also noting,

Lasalle will investigate that and that will be a fairly significant arc for us at the start of the season, eventually leading into a guest star role for Eddie Cahill, who is going to come on and do an arc for us at the resolution of that story, which we are very, very excited about.

Given what we know about LaSalle’s brother Cade, I think the detective angle might be out of the question, but a girl can still dream.

NCIS: New Orleans will be heading into Season 6 (despite some fears to the contrary earlier this year) when it makes its big and splashy return this fall. It’s hard to tell if the CBS drama will be able to top bringing in a popular character from another CBS show, but doubtless there will be plenty more guest stars coming down the pipeline.

In fact, we also have learned that Joanna Cassidy, who play’s Dwayne Pride’s mom on the show, will be back for Season 6.

We’ll have to wait and see how all of these family-oriented plotlines play out, not to mention how Eddie Cahill is involved, but on the bright side, we don’t have too much longer to wait and find out. NCIS: New Orleans will return to the Eye Network’s schedule on Tuesday, September 24 at 10 p.m. ET. The other Tuesday night shows will be NCIS and FBI. Learn more about what’s coming with our fall schedule.

NCIS new orleans season 5 cast

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