Disney+ Will Give X-Men And Marvels Other Animated Shows A Lot Of Love

X-Men The Animated Series

Disney+ will have plenty of fresh content to offer subscribers when it launches in November, but of course it also has a deep catalog of classic films and shows for audiences to enjoy. It’s also showing some love to the animated Marvel library, and bringing several titles to the platform for audiences to enjoy. Cue the 90’s X-Men theme song!

The animated fun doesn't just stop with the X-Men though, as many animated Marvel shows folks remember from back in the day will be arriving on Disney+. The list includes Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer, Hulk, and a whole lot of Spider-Man shows.

That's a pretty solid lineup for viewers to dive into although Disney+ viewers were quick to point out some glaring omissions. Most complaints were lodged that there was no mention of Marvel's more recent animated Avengers shows. Some mentioned X-Men: Evolution and a couple other Spider-Man shows weren't being used as well. Additionally, some were upset by a follow-up tweet from the fan account that said availability of shows may vary by region.

Of course, there were others less cynical about the news and thrilled Disney+ will be bringing a healthy serving of Marvel animation to its future subscribers. Plus, let's also remember this is just the opening lineup of titles that will become available on Disney+, and that the library is sure to expand. Disney will probably still have trouble getting a hold of the Sony-owned stuff right away, but it's not like there's no chance it'll ever be there.

And while the Marvel animated library is incomplete thus far, it's still a pretty full lineup of shows. There's a bulk of the 90s Marvel shows in this lineup, which are among some of the most memorable Marvel shows that were created pre-MCU. It'll take audiences more than a minute to make it through those titles, and their amazing theme songs.

Disney+'s upcoming Marvel animation offerings are another great reason to subscribe to the service. Disney+ will now have Marvel movies, original shows, and classic animated shows for the ultimate Marvel fan to plan a whole weekend around if they so choose, which is a great thing. Those interested just need to make sure they have their own subscription, because it doesn't look like Disney+ will be as tolerant of password sharing as other services have been.

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