Disney is planning their own streaming service to launch in 2019 and along with the studio's massive back catalog of content, they're also planning a massive amount of new material as well. While most of it hasn't been confirmed by Disney, rumors are spreading of several specific projects, both films and TV series, that the House of Mouse currently has on the drawing board.

With the huge list of valuable properties that Disney has at its disposal, the studio is in a position to disrupt the entire streaming marketplace in a single moment with everything they could potentially create here. Some of these projects have been confirmed by Disney, while most are simply reported by other sources, but regardless, here's everything that is being said will appear on Disney's streaming service starting in 2019.

A New Muppets Project

The Muppets have had a rough go of late. They came back strong with a 2011 movie, but that was followed by a lackluster Muppets Most Wanted sequel, and while I personally thought The Muppets TV series was mostly pretty good, it failed to connect with audiences and didn't last beyond one season. It looks like they're going to be given another shot, though, as the word is that some sort of Muppets reboot is being planned for the streaming service. It's not clear if this will be a series or a movie, though the former is probably most likely.

More Than One Star Wars Series

One of the projects that has officially been confirmed for the service is a live-action series based in the galaxy far, far away. What is not confirmed is exactly what that means. Disney's service will launch sometime in 2019, which is the same year that the current Star Wars trilogy comes to an end. We don't really know where the film franchise will be going after that, beyond some of the creative influences in charge of it, so a series is an even more up-in-the-air prospect. What's more, Disney CEO Bob Iger says there are actually multiple series ideas being developed. It doesn't sound like they're trying to decide which one to go with, but rather that multiple projects are planned. Something called Star Wars Resistance was recently rumored as a potential new project,

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