Big Brother Spoilers: Who Was Nominated At Final 4? Who Are The Real Targets?

Big Brother 21 Memory Wall 2019 with only final 4 left CBS

SPOILERS ahead from the 2019 Big Brother 21 live feeds.

Who was nominated for eviction after the Big Brother 21 Final 4 HOH competition? Sure, you know it doesn't really matter -- the Power of Veto is everything this week -- but give me a minute to appreciate the irony. Here we are in Big Brother 21 Week 12 and Jackson Michie and Holly Allen are finally sitting next to each other on the block.

Yes, finally. Not that it really matters now, since the Veto could change it all. Here's the update from Friday evening (9/13/19):

Who Won HOH? Nicole Anthony is the Final 4 HOH -- after maybe five minutes of Holly pretending to hang on. Holly threw the HOH as part of her deal with Cliff and Nicole, which upset Holly since endurance is her thing. Cliff Hogg III never had a chance to win this one, since endurance is NOT his thing.Who Was Nominated? Nicole nominated Jackson and Holly. The only other option was Cliff. It doesn't really matter, though, since the Veto win will really determine the nominees.Who Won The Veto? THAT is the big question. The Veto competition should be held Saturday late afternoon/early evening, as usual, unless they get funky on us. UPDATE: Here are the results of the Veto comp!Who Will Be Evicted? Only the Veto holder gets to vote this week. One vote to rule them all. Sadly, HOH Nicole can't cast the vote or a Nicole Veto win could take out Jackson. However, it sounds like Cliff did tell Nicole he would respect her Veto win; so if she wins, he would evict Jackson and make sure everyone knew it was Nicole's call.

There was also a luxury comp on Friday, with Ovi Kabir in the house, and Jackson won money. Because he's not doing well enough. Will that change anything for Cliff? Seeing Jackson win the luxury comp might finally trigger something in Cliff's head that Jackson has won enough. That's something that went through Jackson's head too.

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I want Jackson evicted and, as far as I can tell, that's what HOH Nicole wants too. However, Cliff already announced to Nicole and Jackson that he still wants to keep Jackson around. Cliff wants a Final 3 of Jackson/Cliff/Nicole, so he would evict Holly if he won the Veto. I know. Jackson really has the best odds to win Big Brother Season 21. When did he become the puppet-master?

Here are some scenarios for the Saturday, Sept. 14 Veto comp:

Cliff wins Veto -- evicts Holly, unless he changes his mind and goes with Holly's deal to evict Jackson. Both Holly and Jackson are lying to Cliff and want him out. Does Cliff know that? They are all trying to cover their own butts. Cliff seems determined to stick with Jackson for a Final 3 with him and Nicole. And a Final 2 with Jackson? No. He thinks Jackson would take him to Final 2 (doubt it) but Cliff confirmed to both Nicole and Jackson that he would take Nicole to Final 2, if he won the Final HOH.Jackson wins Veto -- evicts Cliff. He is not evicting Holly, despite their recurring fights. I don't care if he has a Final 2 with Cliff, he won't betray Holly. It would be lose-lose for him. Besides, Jackson and Holly are pissed now, feeling like Nicole and Cliff went back on their final 4 deal and started demanding all sorts of new deals just to keep Holly over Tommy.Holly wins Veto -- evicts Cliff, unless she decides to cut ties with Jackson, which is unlikely but would actually be a baller move. I would love to see that. Won't happen, but I'd stan Holly forever. She was saying on Friday that she planned to make a deal with Cliff and Nicole, and Jackson was going to whip up some fake tears, but it's all part of an act. Jolly plans to stick together. They just want to win Veto and take back control.Nicole wins Veto -- can't evict anyone as HOH. Would most likely keep noms the same and Cliff would vote to evict ... Holly? LAME. Actually, no, because it sounds like Cliff and Nicole made their own deal. He would respect her choice as the Veto holder, if she won, and evict Jackson.

Holly threw the HOH as part of her deal to stay this week over Tommy. Apparently Jackson and Holly did a lot of deal-making for Holly to survive to this point -- Holly was supposed to throw both HOH and Veto, and Jackson would take Cliff and Nicole to the end -- but they don't plan to stick with it. Because who the hell would?

Really? On Friday, Holly talked to Cliff and Nicole and said she'd target Jackson. That was her way of getting them to let her gun for the Veto tomorrow:

Really? If Cliff and Nicole believe any of that -- that Holly and Jackson would really turn on each other in favor of Cliff and Nicole -- they deserve what they get. I have to hope they don't buy it, they're just trying to get as many deals and promises out of Jolly as possible. It's not like they can make Holly throw another comp to them.

Cliff is still the target if Jackson or Holly win the Veto on Saturday. Holly appears to be Cliff's target if he wins Veto. Jackson is Nicole's target, and she'd have to hope Cliff lived up to his word in the event she won the Veto.

If Jackson makes it to Final 3 -- and that's looking good right about now -- he has a good chance of winning it all. There's still a chance for Cliff or Nicole to pull out a win and take each other, but I'm frustrated by just the idea of helping Jackson get that far. Honestly, I'm kind of with this BB fan who wants Nicole to completely cut ties with Cliff:

I'd rather Nicole take the shot at Jackson if they get to Final 3, but I'd much prefer a Final 3 of Nicole/Cliff/Holly. At this point, I'm rooting for a Nicole/Holly Final 2.

At any rate, I will take this moment to enjoy seeing Holly and Jackson on the block under Nicole's HOH. It's not quite the same as putting them up in the double eviction, as Christie Murphy and Tommy Bracco wanted her to do, but at least it finally happened after, what, 87 days?

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