Big Brother Spoilers: Wow, Jackson Still Has Best Odds To Win BB21 Even If He Loses Veto

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SPOILERS ahead from the 2019 Big Brother 21 live feeds.

We're down to the final four on Big Brother 21. The Final 4 HOH competition was held Thursday night, with the all-important Final 4 Veto on Saturday. Jackson Michie still has the best odds to win the 2019 season -- even if he loses that Veto -- thanks but no thanks to Cliff Hogg III. Jackson could still be evicted if Nicole Anthony saves us all from this madness, but she can't vote. So Jackson's odds of winning Big Brother 21 just seem to keep getting better.

UPDATE: The Veto comp was held Saturday and the results are in. Let's just say Jackson's odds of winning the whole season just went up even more.

Nicole "won" the Big Brother Final 4 HOH because it was thrown to her. Openly. Holly Allen even emphasized that she could've been up there all night. It was an endurance comp, but live feeders not only didn't get to see it, there wasn't much to see. Holly is an endurance queen, but she agreed to throw the comp in order to make it past Tommy Bracco in that horrific mess we just witnessed on last night's live show.

So Nicole didn't really win an endurance comp, but she deserves credit for getting Holly to throw the HOH to her. (Holly does NOT see it that way.) Cliff wasn't going to win anyway, but endurance is Holly's #1 thing -- which they should keep in mind if she gets to Final HOH Part 1.

Nominations don't matter, but Jackson and Holly are now on the block after the Nomination Ceremony and, at the moment, Cliff would choose who to evict. The Veto will change everything tomorrow. However, Cliff blew my mind with some declarations of love last night -- love for Jackson's game.

Cliff told both Nicole and Jackson that he wants to go final 3 with them:

Ugh. Cliff didn't just say that to cover his butt with Jackson, because in that case he wouldn't say the same thing separately to Nicole. Cliff really does want to go Final 3 with Jackson and Nicole. Maybe he'll change his mind, but ... wow. Why doesn't he just propose to Jackson on finale night and hand him an extra $500,000? (There was also a luxury comp held on Friday early afternoon, with Ovi Kabir back in the house, and it sounds like Jackson already won some money.)

Cliff did emphasize that the deal is just his, meaning if Nicole wins the Veto, she could still campaign to vote out Jackson, although as HOH she can't vote. (I forgot about that in my desire for Nicole to end this charade). Cliff didn't go and make a stupid deal for her too. So if Nicole wins Veto, Cliff did say he'd vote how she wanted. Otherwise, if Jackson wins Veto, he'd evict Cliff over Holly, because Holly is his #1. If Holly wins Veto, she'd evict Cliff too. (She lied and said she'd evict Jackson. She also made a handshake deal with Nicole the other day that she would throw this Veto, but she's not going to do that.) If Cliff would evict Holly, then Nicole is the only one who would want to evict Jackson, and she would have to rely on Cliff to get that done. The clownery of it all.

I had just gotten an email from the betting aggregators saying Jackson had the best odds to win Big Brother 21. That was before Tommy was evicted, but they also gave best odds to Tommy leaving over Holly. Now that Cliff has decided to save Jackson even if Cliff wins Veto, Jackson's odds of winning should be even better.

Here are the oddsmakers' picks to win Big Brother, posted before Tommy's eviction and Nicole's HOH win:

Jackson Michie: 7/2Cliff Hogg: 4/1Holly Allen: 4/1Nicole Anthony: 9/2

I'm not sure why Nicole's odds are so low and Cliff's so high, unless this is just a Perception Is Reality moment. Maybe Cliff is perceived to have played a better game because he was banished and very briefly evicted but won his way back in, earned a rep as a deal-maker, and won a couple of comps? To some viewers, Cliff being evicted automatically disqualifies him for a win. Meanwhile, Nicole's game started rising at the perfect moment, and no one can top her social game. Cliff just botched the showmance split, even before Jackson's big lie about Tommy -- Cliff was never really going to turn on them, you have to know it -- so I would drop him points for that.

Big Brother 21 Nicole after Final 4 HOH CBS

Jackson just made a huge move with his lie to get out Tommy. Tommy wasn't even bitter, as he showed in his exit interview with Julie Chen. The jury may respect Jackson's move, especially if Tommy respects it from a game standpoint. Jackson feels guilty now, but he did what he had to do to save Holly.

Meanwhile, Holly did much less to save herself. Holly had a strong game for a while there, but she really fell into a ditch of just fighting with Jackson over petty stuff and getting upset at her first time on the block as if it was the first time ANYONE had ever sat on the block.

At one point Holly had a great shot at winning Big Brother 21, but now I think her best chance to win would be sitting next to Jackson and praying for a bitter jury that blames him.

If Cliff gets his way and it's Jackson/Nicole/Cliff, Jackson will probably win the endurance Part 1. Part 2 could go either way between Cliff or Nicole. Part 3 is a crapshoot, it's mostly guessing but partly social. If Nicole wins, she'd probably take Cliff to the end. Cliff has to be hoping that kissing Jackson's ass this much means Jackson would take Cliff to the end, but I wonder if that's even true. Jackson may still see Cliff as the bigger threat. Cliff seems to think he'll win no matter who he faces in F2 as long as he gets there. Is that true? If so, why?

This is the last "normal" week of Big Brother 21. Nominations should be later today, with Jackson and Holly most likely finally sitting next to each other on the block. Then the biggest Veto of the season is tomorrow, Saturday, September 14, 2019, probably in the early evening West Coast time.

Who do you want to win Veto and who do you want to see in the Final 3?

Big Brother 2019 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.

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