Big Brother Spoilers: Tommy Just Revealed His Christie Secret To Jackson And Holly

Big Brother 21 Tommy cries to Holly Week 11 CBS

SPOILERS ahead from the 2019 Big Brother 21 live feeds.

Dude, Tommy. Why now? And why them? It's Big Brother 21, Week 11 and Tommy Bracco is on the block next to Cliff Hogg III. Tommy is the target. They had not played the BB Comics Veto yet on Saturday afternoon -- September 7, 2019 -- when Tommy made his big reveal. So show me how it made sense for Tommy to tell new HOH Jackson Michie and Holly Allen that Tommy knew Christie Murphy for years before going into the Big Brother house?

Tommy even asked that Jackson and Holly keep that intel to themselves, and not tell anyone else -- meaning Cliff and Nicole Anthony, the only other two people in the house, but presumably also any jury members they come across if Jolly doesn't just steamroll to the end. (UPDATE: Tommy told Nicole and Cliff about his Christie connection on Wednesday, two days after the Veto Ceremony locked in the final nominees. So now everyone in the house knows.)

Fans are now replying to this live feeds update with "WHY TOMMY" questions and confirmation that his game is toast. But is it?

Tommy could still win the Veto later today. UPDATE: Nope! Here's how the BB Comics Veto played out. Maybe he was pulling a Christie and manifesting a win, and he wanted to be honest in case Christie told everyone in jury? I'm reaching. Maybe he wanted to establish trust with Jackson and Holly, since it was already revealed (and hurt Kat's game) that Holly knew Kathryn Dunn before entering the Big Brother 21 house. I even thought it might be a BB21 twist to have pairs know each other, but instead it just came off as lazy casting to have two sets of unrelated pairs have pre-season connections.

Maybe Tommy figured everyone already suspected he and Christie knew each other, because they live so close to each other, and someone with a bullhorn already shouted their secret outside the Big Brother house.

Right after Tommy's reveal, he got called into the Diary Room and then the Veto comp started shortly afterward. Jackson and Holly had a little conversation about it, and it did make Holly start to wonder if others in the house knew each other -- like Nick Maccarone and Nicole. (They did not.) So that's interesting. Maybe that's something Tommy was hoping to stir up -- paranoia that maybe Nicole and Cliff also knew others in the house? Jackson joked that he also knew Kat ahead of BB21 to mess with Holly, then admitted that he didn't. (Did Holly and Jackson know each other before BB21, or at least know of each other?)

But why tell now, Tommy, right before the Veto comp? Maybe he was trying to get in their heads and have them frazzled. They definitely want him frazzled. Nicole was just saying that. Because if Tommy saves himself with Veto, that means Jackson would replace him with Nicole and either Nicole or (more likely) Cliff would be evicted.

Jackson would not put Holly up as the replacement, unless he HAD to. It's not even considered -- which is reason 9,847 why Nicole and Cliff should turn on Jackson and Holly the second they can. But will they? Nicole and Cliff are just focused on their safety before the Veto, and answers on how that works out for them will be coming soon. (BB Comics should take a few hours, once it starts.) I still think working with Tommy and only one of Jackson/Holly is better for their games, if they can make that happen.

If someone has a brilliant theory on why Tommy would drop that bomb to Jackson and Holly now, please share it. My best guess is to shock them enough that they can't focus on the Veto. I'm sure he'll explain better in the Diary Room, or more details may come out by the time you even read this. Maybe he just figured, f-ck it. Why not? Nothing left to lose. Now the intel is going to spread and production won't be able to shock the houseguests with that bomb on finale night. Bet they were hoping for that big reveal!

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