Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won HOH After Dramatic Night And What It Means For The Final Four

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for Big Brother. Read at your own risk.

Big Brother fans that are still shaking after watching a crying Tommy Bracco lose an argument against a slandering Jackson Michie can take solace in the fact that karma does exist. After Cliff Hogg III and Nicole Anthony were duped into thinking Tommy was betraying them and went against their plan and voted him out of the house, the two went into the endurance comp and won HoH. More specifically, Nicole held out over Holly Allen and is now in control of the house for the week.

It was a relatively short competition. Cliff's bad knee had him fall not long after the credits had finished rolling on Big Brother, and live feeders were treated to "fish" before seeing Holly toweling off not long after which is honestly surprising. She looked to be way sturdier than Nicole was on the rope swing, and it almost seemed like she threw the competition? Obviously that would be a very stupid thing to do at this stage, but we can only speculate without knowing for sure what happened, and nothing should be ruled out.

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As one would imagine, this is a nightmare scenario for Jackson and Holly. Nicole winning means that they're going to be nominated for eviction, and only one of them can veto their way out. Could it finally happen Big Brother nation? Is this where the showmance finally is broken up?

It all depends on who wins the veto. Judging on current gameplay, if Nicole and Cliff win the veto, nominations will stay the same and more likely than not, they'll vote out Jackson. Of course, that means beating Jackson which is a big if given his tendency to win competitions. All the sudden he's off the block and will be the singular vote that will backdoor Cliff and leave Nicole all alone with the showmance. Same thing can happen with Holly, so what will Nicole do?

Well, she could put Cliff on the block, but at the end of the day the result is the same. The fact of the matter is Cliff or Nicole need to win the veto to stay alive, and then immediately eliminate one of the showmance if they wish to have a chance at winning this game. You'd like to think there's nothing Jackson or Holly could offer at this point to sway them to turn on each other, but look what happened with Tommy.

Right now all that really matters is that Nicole is safe, which should make a lot of Big Brother fans happy. Unfortunately, Nicole and Cliff completely believe that Tommy was lying and trying to throw Jackson under the bus. If Nicole can't read his lies now, what's to say he can't sway her to think Cliff is out to get her?

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