The Good Doctor Season 3 Has Worrisome News For Claire

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ABC's The Good Doctor will soon be back for Season 3, and this season will kick off with some exciting things happening in the life of Shaun. For once, things seem to be headed in a positive direction for the doctor who is at the start of a new relationship. Though ultimately a good thing, this may present some unique problems for him throughout the season. So that's what's happening in Sean's world, but what about what's going on with the show's other characters like Claire?

The latest word is that audiences will see Claire in the season premiere, as Freddie Highmore (who may appear in another primetime series this fall season) teased there will be more of Claire and Shaun and their friendship on display in Season 3. Claire will give Shaun some help on his first date with Carly. Highmore even told TVLine Claire will be there for her buddy, but it's Shaun who will need to be there for Claire as the season goes on.

There’s a lovely scene … in terms of Shaun’s first date, and how Claire is there to support him. But I think we’ll also see Shaun needing to support Claire a bit more in this third season, which will be interesting, as her character goes through a more difficult time than she’s had in the past.

It appears Claire isn't going to have a great go of things in The Good Doctor Season 3, and Shaun will be trying his best to help her through that. It's unclear how available he'll be, however, as the trailer for the upcoming season has shown Carly pulling Claire aside and telling her to "butt out" of her relationship. Does this have something to do with Claire's problems in Season 3, or does Carly just want her to stop coaching Shaun through their relationship?

It seems like a storyline that would get some attention from fans, who may have believed Shaun was headed to Claire's house with those flowers at the end of The Good Doctor Season 2. Freddie Highmore's comments don't make it sound as though the upcoming season is teasing a love triangle, but it's not like a common television trope like that is the sort of thing this ABC drama would obviously try to avoid.

More likely than not Claire's drama in Season 3 of The Good Doctor is tied to the hospital. The past two seasons have been rife with threats against Shaun and other doctors losing their license thanks to questionable decisions in the handling of a patient, so perhaps it's her turn to face that gauntlet.

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The Good Doctor is back on ABC for Season 3 beginning Monday, September 23 at 10:00 p.m. ET. Fall television season is just around the corner, so be sure to stick with CinemaBlend for all the latest and greatest news on that front, and for news on what's happening in the world of movies as well.

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