The Masked Singer's Fans Think They Already Know Who The Ice Cream Is

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The Masked Singer has only shown a sneak preview episode for Season 2 and its passionate fans are already making bold predictions on the identities of the contestants. While there were many guesses made throughout the episode's airing, there's one in particular that's getting quite a bit of traction ahead of the official season premiere. It looks like the Ice Cream's clue video may have been a little more revealing than intended, and exposed him as actor Freddie Highmore.

So what has folks so convinced The Good Doctor star is underneath the impressive ice cream mask? A fan on Twitter shared the logic behind his guess, and after reading through this argument, it's hard not to think he may have cracked the code.

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For those wondering why Valentine's Day was relevant, the date is tied to a clue in the package video that seemed to imply whoever is under that mask was born on the date. Freddie Highmore isn't the only famous person that was born on February 14 of course, but then the whole ice cream costume being a reference to his role in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory pulls it all back together.

Did this fan of The Masked Singer figure things out way before everyone else? We don't know for sure, but it's worth noting that a case can be made for several celebrities using Valentine's Day and ice cream as the main clues. Simon Pegg was born on that day, and starred in Edgar Wright's Cornetto trilogy. Rob Thomas was also born on Valentine's Day and sang a song called "Smooth" which is the texture of ice cream. See? This case is far from closed.

Does that mean audiences who love The Masked Singer should stop guessing? Absolutely not, it's part of the game! It's also worth noting that while there are plenty of other people who fit the bill of The Ice Cream, Freddie Highmore is a pretty damn good guess. He's famous, but not so famous it's unrealistic to think he'd appear on the show, and he's sung on camera before.

One reason fans should doubt any and all pre-premiere guesses is because clues are supposed to be much tougher in The Masked Singer Season 2. Producers went to pretty extreme lengths to make it that much harder to discover the identities of the many contestants which should make identifying them extra hard for judges and viewers. With that being said, it's really hard to outwit the scores of people on the internet when they can crowd source ideas and all use the internet during clues.

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