Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's Nog Actor Has Died At Age 50

Nog Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

One of the beloved characters of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine has passed on. Aron Eisenberg, who was known as Jake Sisco's friend and Quark's nephew Nog on the series, has died at the age of 50. At this time, the cause of death has not been announced.

News of Eisenberg's passing was first shared by his wife Malissa Longo. Longo shared the news with fans in a statement given over social media, and told Star Trek fans about the qualities that made her husband such a great man.

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As mentioned the circumstances behind Aron Eisenberg's death are unknown. Eisenberg received two kidney transplants with the most recent happening in 2015 and was born with a partially functioning kidney. Eisenberg received his first kidney transplant at age 17, and it is reported this condition is responsible for his height of 5'0.

News of Aron Eisenberg's death was rather sudden, as wife Malissa Longo sent a plea to fans hours before his passing. Eisenberg was very active on social media in the days leading to his death, and had retweeted and shared lots of information on the climate strike the day prior to his death.

Aron Eisenberg had a few roles in Hollywood in notable shows like The Wonder Years and Tales From The Crypt, but it's fair to say a majority of his roles and recognition came from the Star Trek universe. Eisenberg's character Nog is particularly notable in the franchise's universe, as he became the first Ferengi to join Starfleet. Eisenberg primarily portrayed Nog in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and also lent his voice to Star Trek Online.

Nog was not Aron Eisenberg's sole contribution to the franchise either. Eisenberg appeared in a guest star role as Far in Star Trek: Voyager, and was a part of the unofficial Star Trek fan series Renegades where he played Fnaxnor. Additionally, Eisenberg was a frequenter of the convention circuit and often interacted with fans and shared his experiences with the franchise with fans far and wide.

Those fans shared their condolences with the family of Aron Eisenberg on social media, and shared their favorite memories of what he brought to the world of Star Trek. That included one of his more memorable scenes from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, in which Nog went toe to toe with Benjamin Sisko to convince him he was genuine in his want to join Starfleet.

Aron Eisenberg is one of a couple recent passings in the Star Trek universe, as fans had mourned the death of actress Barbara March a month ago. With the franchise at a point where there are ample new opportunities for these actors of the past to return to the franchise, it is sad that situations like these ensure it will likely be the last time we see these characters.

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CinemaBlend would like to offer its condolences to the friends and family of Aron Eisenberg, and we wish them well during this difficult time.

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