Big Brother Spoilers: Will Jackson And Holly Drama Impact The Final 2?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for Big Brother 21. Read at your own risk!

The Big Brother Season 21 finale is just around the corner, and we now know it'll come down to Jackson Michie and Holly Allen for Final HoH. Many may assume the showmance will be taking each other to the Final 2 (even though they allegedly never had one) and that Nicole Anthony is all but guaranteed a third place exit. Now, recent footage from the live feeds has shown some tension from Jackson and Holly, both paranoid they won't take each other after all.

Things haven't been as bad between the pair as they have in the past, but it's more than fair to say there's been some tension as the hours tick down to the big competition. To start, neither Holly nor Jackson have agreed to throw the HoH to the other, which is a bit interesting. If they were both planning on taking each other anyway, does it really matter who wins?

Obviously, both seem paranoid that the other one will take Nicole, leaving someone on the outs with a third place exit in the competition. The move would actually make sense for Holly, considering it would be hard to distinguish her game from Jackson's if they went up against each other. If the jury is going strictly off of gameplay, Jackson has more overall wins in competition than Holly.

Jackson has certainly had a good deal of paranoia in the final days of Big Brother 21 that Holly will take Nicole if she wins, which may explain why he's been a bit snippy toward her. With that being said, Holly basically threatened Jackson on Monday night, and told him that burning her will almost certainly mean that he'll lose the $500,000.

To be fair, most significant others would be upset in that situation, although it's still a big question whether or not Holly and Jackson actually plan on a relationship outside of the house. Holly has been heard on the record saying she didn't see a future with Jackson, and Jackson mentioned Holly will be "a great friend" after Season 21 is over. Perhaps the growing suspicion with these two is because they haven't talked out whether or not they're actually a couple?

Now, will Jackson and Holly actually take Nicole if push comes to shove? Personally, I don't see any reason why Jackson would take Nicole over Holly, especially if he's at risk of facing a bitter jury. Burning Holly would only hurt his rep more, and maybe swing the jury to vote for Nicole. If Holly wins, she should certainly consider it, because she's played a better game than Nicole, but will have a hard time arguing Jackson wasn't a big part of her arrival. Even so, it's hard to believe she won't take Jackson anyway.

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