Big Brother Spoilers: Jackson And Holly Had Another Huge Fight Before Veto Update

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for Big Brother 21. Read at your own risk!

One might have thought the Big Brother drama would subside after Christie Murphy's exit from the house, but things have gotten even crazier. First Nicole Anthony shocked live feed viewers when she announced an elaborate plan that may sever her alliance with the Final 4, and now Jackson Michie and Holly Allen are at each other's throats yet again.

It all started with a day where the two were on seemingly different wavelengths. Holly said Jackson was acting weird, and Jackson was denying that he's done anything but be 100% supportive of Holly. Things were slowly building for a while, but really boiled over when Holly dropped the trigger word that was the source of her and Jackson's first major Big Brother blowout.

Once the lights went on, it was a back and forth between the showmance and Holly having a battle with production about keeping her mic on and turning the lights off. Meanwhile, she and Jackson continued to have it out as he was upset that she called him a "fucking asshole" again when she knew that it bugged him the time before, and Holly ended up leaving the room mid-conversation.

Feelings were hurt, which may have led Jackson to say what may be the most biting insult the two have had in an argument yet. As Holly sat crying in the hallway, Jackson went up to her and implied it's moments like this that make him wonder if they're actually meant to be a couple outside of Big Brother.

Oof. That's one of those insults that a significant other doesn't exactly forget, and the type of one that sets both parties on edge once it's out in the open. Biting remarks continued from there with accusations from Holly that Jackson was speaking to her with a condescending tone, and both parties accusing the other of being compared to one another's ex-lovers.

For what it's worth, there does seem to be some indication that drinking may have played a factor in this argument. Jackson made an offhand comment during the argument that he now knows not to drink with Holly outside the house. From the sounds of live feed chatter on Twitter, it appears that Holly may have been under the influence more so than Jackson, which may have caused her to escalate things further.

After about an hour, things had calmed down in the Big Brother house and it appeared things were good between Holly and Jackson again. The two made up before bedtime, and recent activity in the house makes it look as though they're doing okay. Of course, the added stress of Holly being on the block may change that quickly enough, especially if current frontrunners Nicole and Cliff decide to vote out Holly in this week's eviction.

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