Stephen King Suggests Fellow 'Sickos' Watch This New Netflix Horror Series

Marianne Netflix

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When Stephen King has massive praise for a horror series, it is a significant endorsement, to say the least. The horror maestro behind IT and The Stand took the time to share a TV show suggestion streaming on Netflix. Getting a jump on the rush to see something scary ahead of Halloween, King already has an option for your next binge-watch!

The author took to Twitter to delight his followers with a recommendation destined to catch their attention. Stephen King’s suggestion is a French-language series streaming on Netflix, along with adaptations of his own work. What show struck King’s fancy? Here is what he had to say:

Stephen King is coming on strong for Marianne! The French-language horror series earned King’s vote for multiple reasons. It is scary, has a humorous side, and boasts a King-sly flourish. Heavy praise coming from the person who would recognize such a characteristic most. The author himself! What is Marianne about?

Good question. In case it has not been suggested to you yet, Marianne (pictured above) tells the tale of a famous horror writer. I am seeing where Stephen King felt a connection to the material! Let’s continue. Emma (Victoire Du Bois), who is the author, returns back to her hometown, which tends to lead to trouble in horror stories. Now, the hook.

Emma discovers that the evil spirit that haunts her dreams (Marianne) has made its way to the real world. Cue ominous music and some chills! If you want Stephen King to sum up what the series is about, he did. He explained a bit about it with his response to someone who tweeted him:

All eight episodes of Marianne are currently streaming on Netflix. So, it should make a really excellent weekend binge experience. Not quite ten, but not thirteen. The new series joins others that have garnered Stephen King’s notice and acclaim.

It is not the first time that Stephen King has taken to Twitter to praise a series. Earlier this year, he heavily lauded the Z Nation spinoff, Black Summer, starring Jaime King. Stephen King maintains an active presence on Twitter and has utilized the platform to suggest Netflix remake one of his previously adapted works.

Stephen King is, of course, familiar with his work being adapted for television. The Stand is getting an adaptation starring Whoopi Goldberg and Alexander Skarsgard, among others, for CBS All Access.

As for Marianne, Stephen King’s endorsement will undoubtedly help bolster interest in the series. He is no stranger to writing horror, so he should know what fans of the genre would enjoy. Since King believes that Marianne successfully puts off vibes that can compare to his own work, I think that is pretty commendable.

You can take Stephen King’s suggestions and watch Marianne on Netflix, along with other upcoming releases. If you want to check out some other television content headed your way, there's always this fall’s premieres.

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