NCIS: San Diego? Mac And Harm's JAG Reunion Left Fans With Spinoff Hopes

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 11 premiere David James Elliott as Navy Captain Harmon Harm Rabb, Jr. CBS

Does NCIS have another spinoff series on its hands, also starting from JAG, but even more starting from one of the JAG spinoffs, NCIS: Los Angeles? It sounds wacky to have so many JAG spinoffs, but ... NCIS: San Diego does have a nice ring to it. Rolls off the tongue better than NCIS: Contingency Response Team, anyway.

NCIS: Los Angeles played host to a JAG reunion for Mac (Catherine Bell) and Harm (David James Elliott) in the NCIS: LA Season 10 finale and last night's Season 11 premiere. Mac and Harm finally got to (awkwardly) hug and talk about not ending up together -- and not even seeing each other for nine years. They didn't exactly get together in the end, but the promise of a continuation through a revival/spinoff was in the air.

Also -- setting off major spinoff alarms -- Harm mentioned Hetty (Linda Hunt) suggested he put in for a leadership role at an NCIS division, either in San Diego or with the Contingency Response Team. Mac said it might be good for him to put down roots, but Harm does love his ship.

Mac got to reference the title of the premiere, "Let Fate Decide," as part of this convo toward the end of the episode:

Harm: Mac, what are we doing?Mac: I don’t know. But we’re way past letting fate decide.

JAG fans will recall that they DID let fate decide in that show's series finale. The engaged couple did a coin toss to decide which one would resign their commission to be together. But when we met them again on NCIS: LA, they were both still working far apart from each other -- she in Washington, D.C., and he on his ship.

So are they going to let CBS and viewers decide this time? Because many viewers were left hoping that little tease hinted to a NCIS: San Diego spinoff, another NCIS spinoff, or just a full JAG revival.

Since the JAG reunion was heavily teased, fans were definitely hoping Mac and Harm's two NCIS: LA episodes would finally give them a happy ending after JAG's run from 1995-2005. That did not happen, and if a spinoff does NOT follow, fans will be very frustrated:

Right when the JAG reunion was announced, there was talk that it could lead to a revival or spinoff. About six months ago, TVLine reported that CBS was considering using the special event as a testing ground for a JAG revival, with the two-parter looked at as a backdoor pilot.

That's still what many fans are hoping to see after NCIS: LA put the pieces on the board:

It's the circle of Bellisario life! CBS and The Powers That Be may be waiting to see how the ratings for the NCIS: Los Angeles Season 11 premiere turn out before making a solid call. But I hope not. I hope they didn't leave JAG fans hanging AGAIN when they could've easily given a more solid answer if a spinoff wasn't locked in place.

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So now we wait for CBS to announce something -- a JAG revival, a new NCIS spinoff, etc. What do you hope happens? NCIS: LA continues with Episode 2 on October 6 on CBS.

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