Will NCIS: Los Angeles' Kensi And Deeks Have A Baby? Season 11 May Bring A Hint

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NCIS may have the craziest twist to build on this fall season, but that doesn't mean the spinoffs don't have other awesome things happening as well. NCIS: Los Angeles is continuing its JAG connection (which could lead to some other exciting things) and fans are going to continue to get some development on the relationship of Kensi and Deeks.

There's even a chance the topic of babies will be brought up in Season 11. Executive producer R. Scott Gemmill definitely hinted the current season will have an update on their relationship early on in the season, and that will definitely show fans where things are headed.

I think there’s a little bit more awareness on their part of the coupledom. When you’re single, even if you’re living together, it’s not quite the same. Even when you think the piece of paper and rings aren’t going to make you feel any different, I think they do. We see a little bit of that. Everything for them was building up to do we or don’t we, should we or shouldn’t we, and then, they do it, which we saw last year. I think, for them, it’s the same thing in terms of what’s next for us, and we start to see a little bit of that early on. Even in the second episode, we touch on what could happen.

So where does a baby come into this? R. Scott Gemmill didn't use the term baby, though it's hard to rule out that's off the table as the writers decide what to do next with NCIS: Los Angeles' newlyweds. Having kids is a common thing most couples discuss ahead of marriage, so it would be silly to think the two haven't at least broached the topic to this point.

Of course, starting a family isn't as easy a decision for Deeks and Kensi as a normal couple. It's one thing to start a family, but obviously quite a different conversation when the two are in the line of work they're in. Gemmill told Parade that Kensi in particular will realize things could change for her quite a bit going forward, and she'll definitely experience the difference between single Kensi and married Kensi sometime around Episode 2.

I think there is an aspect of her life that she is going to have to face this season. She gets a little taste of it in the second episode and that’s going to force them to make some decisions in terms of — I guess the best way to think about it is, if not now, then when?

It will almost definitely be a lingering question NCIS: Los Angeles fans will want to see answered, and one they could ultimately be disappointed by. Having a child may not make sense for the two-some at the moment, and the two may ultimately decide it's just not in the cards for them. The two could also look into alternative methods like adoption, which would give them a child but not necessarily keep Kensi out of the field.

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