The Masked Singer: Is The Black Widow A Disney Channel Star?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Masked Singer Season 2. Read at your own risk!

The Masked Singer revealed four new contestants in its latest episode and fans got the lowdown on The Black Widow, Panda, Leopard, and Flamingo. The Black Widow got guaranteed safety this week and will advance in the competition, though it's possible her clues exposed her identity as a very well-known Disney Channel star who got her start long before the days of Zendaya or Bella Thorne. In my personal opinion, the Black Widow is none other than Raven Symoné.

So, what blew the lid on this one wide open, to me? Well it all came together in the clue video which seemingly pulled two familiar hints from Season 1 to describe Black Widow. While watching the video again, take note of that Peach painting in the background, and the use of the word "empire" while mentioning various acting credits.

In Season 1, The Masked Singer used peaches for clues involving The Bee, which ended up being Gladys Knight. The clue ultimately pointed to her birthplace of Atlanta, Georgia, which is also where from Raven Symoné is from.

If that weren't glaring enough it seems we got another Empire reference during bits about the Black Widow's acting career, which may mean she's been on the show much like Rumer Willis, a.k.a. Season 1's The Lion. Empire fans are well aware Symoné has appeared on the show over the years as Olivia Lyon, the ex-wife of Jamal. I get the need for product promotion and brand synergy, but The Masked Singer may make things all too easy if they keep teasing contestants have been on Empire.

Beyond that, there are the more obvious clues that The Masked Singer judges overlooked such as Raven Symoné's professional singing voice audiences have heard frequently throughout the years. The Black Widow really knocked her take on Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody," out of the park, and showed she was one of the more talented singers in Season 2 we've heard. By the way, Whitney Houston was a producer on The Cheetah Girls films, which may be another sign "that's so Raven" under the mask.

So, how will we know for sure if this is Raven Symoné on The Masked Singer? I'm guessing we should be on the lookout for "psychic" references that tease her Disney Channel legacy, or to the fact that she's been a talk show host on The View. It's possible there could be some nods to her past on The Cosby Show, though I wouldn't count on it considering all the controversies surrounding Bill Cosby.

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