Megyn Kelly To Return To Fox News For The First Time Since Controversial Exit

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Almost three years after she left the network, Megyn Kelly is headed back to Fox News. The former host of The Kelly File will make a return on the channel in a special interview that will air on Tucker Carlson Tonight. The interview will be Kelly's first television interview she's done in quite a while. Is this a tease that she may be headed back to her former news channel in a more permanent capacity?

It's hard to say for sure, though it is worth noting that Megyn Kelly's interview does not seemed to be linked to any announcement about rejoining the network. Tucker Carlson teased the interview, which will air on Wednesday, October 16, will be her first television interview since leaving NBC after controversial remarks she made in regards to blackface. Based on Carlson's announcement, it appears the scope of the interview will cover Kelly's time on NBC.

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Megyn Kelly's return to the Fox News Channel has some speculating she could rejoin the network and possibly step in for the recently departed Shepard Smith. Deadline reported the network is denying those claims, and said that Kelly's interview was "coordinated weeks ago and is a one time occurrence." The statement went on further to say that any future decisions being made about its programming do not involve Kelly. According to Fox News, there's no reason for fans of Kelly to get excited anytime soon.

Still, it's hard to believe Fox News Channel isn't at least considering rehiring Megyn Kelly if she's willing to take an offer. Kelly turned down a lot of money from the network to head over to NBC, so clearly her presence had value. Kelly was initially replaced in primetime by Tucker Carlson, someone she called a friend on social media. Carlson might be someone Kelly considers a confidant, and someone who will give her a chance to give her view of her time at NBC.

As far as other things Megyn Kelly and Tucker Carlson may discuss, the two may broach the topic of Charlize Theron playing Kelly on the big screen in the movie Bombshell. The movie centers on the controversy of former Fox News Channel CEO Roger Ailes, in which Megyn Kelly and other women on the network were allegedly subjected to unwanted sexual advances from Ailes. Kelly later wrote about the events in her book Settle For More and mentioned the network once asked her to defend Ailes when other allegations surfaced.

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