First Reactions To The Mandalorian Are In, And They're Incredible

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As the world continues to wait for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, critics got to watch some of another hotly anticipated project in the Star Wars franchise, The Mandalorian. Jon Favreau's Disney+ series will be first live-action TV show in the genre and, according to some critics, it's incredible.

CinemaBlend's Sarah El-Mahmoud saw the first 27 minutes of The Mandalorian with some other members of the press, and was a fan of the upcoming Disney+ original. Among her other praises, Sarah really liked the way the show invoked the same energy of the original Star Wars trilogy.

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It's good to hear The Mandalorian looks as cinematic as its impressive trailer, because Disney dropped a pretty penny on this one. The praise of the music is promising as well, as the Star Wars franchise has always been known for its memorable scores.

Collider's Steven Weintraub was also a fan of The Mandalorian, and added that there's something new he learned about Star Wars in the process. He couldn't share any details, but did note that he was excited with what the Disney+ series is doing.

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From the sounds of these reactions, it's going to be a painful couple of weeks for Star Wars fans waiting to watch on day one of Disney+. Can't Disney just do fans a solid and release the first 27 minutes for everyone to watch?

Sadly, that's likely not going to happen. That means everyone else will have to wait to see the secrets of The Mandalorian, and that surprise role Nick Nolte is playing that Drew Taylor teased.

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Again, it's great to hear The Mandalorian looks as great visually as footage has led us to believe. Of course, it also helps Jon Favreau tapped some of the biggest directors in Hollywood to help out with some episodes, which certainly has to make it look a little more cinematic.

The praise continues with Birth Movies Death's Scott Wampler, who decided to channel a famous Jaws character with his tweet reacting to what he saw.

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These aren't cherry-picked tweets either, there's a sweeping amount of acclaim for The Mandalorian and what Jon Favreau did with this series. Critics really seem to love what they saw of the show, though many were quick to note they only saw a bit of the series. Really all they know is that what they saw is great, but there's still a lot of show they and the world has yet to see.

And, of course, Star Wars has been a franchise as of late where critics and fans can walk away with something with wildly different opinions. Just because these professionals gave their universal approval, there will always be some who don't feel the same way. That aside, I personally believe this level of approval shows that The Mandalorian has the potential to re-unify the Star Wars fandom.

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The Mandalorian makes its debut on Disney+ Tuesday, November 12. Stick with CinemaBlend for details on the series in the meantime, and for the latest news happening in television and movies.

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