Apparently, People Are Really Loving Kelly Clarkson's New Talk Show

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Many people were surprised when word came down, a little over a year ago, that singer Kelly Clarkson was going to be hosting her own daytime talk show. Sure, she's a celebrity people have loved since she became the first American Idol winner way back in 2002, and, in addition to her Grammy Award winning musical career, she's become well-loved recently for coaching unknown singers on The Voice and her general enthusiasm for everything ever. And, now we know that all the good will Clarkson's built up over her career is working out well for The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Clarkson's freshman daytime talker, which debuted with The Rock on September 9, is currently ranked fourth among syndicated daytime talk shows, and is pulling in an average of about 1.9 million viewers for each episode. If you're thinking that fourth place doesn't sound like that big of a deal, you should keep in mind two things. First, there are currently 15 other syndicated daytime talk shows on air around the country, not to mention a whole host of network talk shows, courtroom shows, game shows and other content that competes for attention with The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Second, and this is probably the biggest thing to note, according to CNN, Clarkson has managed to come into fourth place against a crowded field of veteran talk shows, and her show is only being beaten by others that have been on the air for many, many years. Right now, only The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Live with Kelly and Ryan and Dr. Phil are ahead of The Kelly Clarkson Show, and that's clearly a big win for a show that only has six weeks worth of shows under it's patent leather belt.

Basically, whatever your favorite daytime talk show was last fall, The Kelly Clarkson Show is probably out-ranking it right now.

With Ellen as one of the eponymous shows that's currently coming in above Kelly Clarkson in the ratings, there could be more good news for Clarkson in the not so far future. DeGeneres' contract takes her show into summer 2020, and rumblings began last December that the 16 year daytime vet could be ready to hang up her dancing shoe-filled hosting duties after that. If that major daytime shakeup happens, and Clarkson's show is still rolling along and at the wonderful clip that it is now, we could, potentially, see The Kelly Clarkson Show become an even bigger hit next year when fans look for a show to fill the Ellen void.

When Kelly Clarkson was asked, on Ellen no less, why she wanted to do a talk show at all, she not only responded that she loves talking, but that she saw it as a chance to combat a lot of the negativity that she sees happening in the world and to try and make sure that all types of people feel included. And, it's clear that her feel-good strategy has worked to bring in a lot of fans.

Do you think Kelly Clarkson will be able to keep, or even grow, her audience? Let us know in the comments below! You can watch The Kelly Clarkson Show Monday through Friday at 2 p.m. EST on NBC.

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