Dwayne Johnson Left Honeymoon Early To Replace Kevin Hart On Kelly Clarkson's Talk Show

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Well, this is it, gentlemen. You can stop submitting your applications for Best Human Male Currently In Existence. By all means, keep helping orphans, running marathons where you get covered in mud for charity, helping your ex-girlfriend move all her heaviest things out when she breaks up with the dude she dumped you for and all your other good works. But, the position of BHMCIE has now been filled by none other than one Mr. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Why? Because the dude just left his freakin' honeymoon to fill in for Kevin Hart on a talk show!

Dwayne Johnson decided to appear as the first guest on the premiere of The Kelly Clarkson Show because his good friend / frenemy (and frequent work husband) Kevin Hart, couldn't appear as planned, due to the car accident he was in recently. Take a look at a very appreciative Kelly Clarkson, as she explains the situation:

Awww! I love how excited and slightly flustered Kelly Clarkson was as she introduced Dwayne Johnson and told everyone how nice he was to leave his new wife behind and come do her show in Kevin Hart's stead. It's clear that she was a little bit starstruck, and The Rock wasn't even on stage with her yet!

As many of you probably know by now, Kevin Hart was involved in a very serious car accident over the weekend, and he and the driver both suffered severe injuries, while a third passenger was left with only a few bruises. Hart was in the passenger seat of the 1970 Plymouth Barracuda when it veered into a gully and then rolled down an embankment after the driver tried to turn from Cold Canyon Road onto Mulholland in the wee hours of Sunday morning in the Los Angeles area.

While Kevin Hart was able to leave the vehicle and get help, the two others in the car were trapped, as the roof had been completely crushed. At the hospital later, Hart's injuries were revealed to be serious enough that he actually needed back surgery and is said to need extensive physical therapy to fully recover.

As for Dwayne Johnson, one of the hardest working men in Hollywood finally decided to take a bit of a break, get married to his long-time girlfriend Lauren Hashian and then actually not make a movie or TV show...but go on their honeymoon. The wedding appears to have taken place on August 18 (according to Johnson's Instagram post on the nuptials), so, considering that it's now over three weeks later, some folks would say that it's time for the man to get back to work anyway.

I happen to think those people are mean and shouldn't be allowed to watch Dwayne Johnson on The Kelly Clarkson Show. So, there! Ahem...anyway, Johnson took to Twitter to make it known why he decided to cut his romantic vacation short to help out host Clarkson and his ailing buddy, Kevin Hart.

OK, so The Rock did get in a tiny dig at a recuperating Kevin Hart, but aside from that, doesn't he just seem like the kindest, most positive major movie star you could ever hope to meet? I mean, it sounds like he never would have even considered taking over for Hart if his wife weren't such a Kelly Clarkson fan. He's already the perfect husband, too!

It sounds like Dwayne Johnson and Kelly Clarkson had a good time hanging out on her new show, and we can all see how their meeting went when The Kelly Clarkson Show begins airing Monday, September 9 on NBC at 2 p.m. EST. More premieres are coming along soon, so be sure to check out our 2019 fall premiere guide to keep up to date!

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