Green Lantern And More DC Comics Heroes Are Heading To HBO Max

Green Lantern comic art Geoff Johns

HBOMax is quickly becoming a haven for comic book fans, as the service recently announced yet another two additions coming from the world of DC Comics. This time, it's two entirely original shows with one starring a Justice League hero many know well. A Green Lantern inspired show is officially in the works, and DC is also giving us an original anthology series based on Strange Adventures.

Green Lantern is coming from DC television guru Greg Berlanti, who only teased that the adventure will be "going to space." A series in space could really be true with any Green Lantern, though this description does sound vague enough that there's a chance it won't center on Hal Jordan. With The CW's "Crisis On Infinite Earths" in a couple months, is it possible a tease of this series will appear? It's probably way too early in the upcoming show's planning for something like that, but we can still hope!

The other series, Strange Adventures, may not be as well known by casual DC fans. The show is meant to be an anthology series with episodes consisting of cautionary tales that happen to humans and super humans alike. Strange Adventures has featured characters like Animal Man, Deadman, Adam Strange, and more obscure characters like the Atomic Knights. There was even a comic book run that featured the classic Justice Society of America, so there's a lot of territory this show could cover.

Strange Adventures is being produced with one-hour, dramatic episodes, and will have Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, and showrunner and writer John Stephens as executive producers. Charlie Huston is a co-executive producer, Brigette Hales is a producer, and Selwyn Seyfu Hinds is a consulting producer. Both shows will come from Berlanti Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television.

While it may sound like the lesser of the two projects, it's worth noting that Greg Berlanti referred to Strange Adventures by saying it is promised to be the "biggest DC show ever made." As mentioned, this show sounds like a big playground, and the anthology format allows for a lot of unique concepts. Personally, I think it's great to see DC dabbling in the format, and I'm really rooting for this one to be a great success to encourage other anthology hero shows.

Green Lantern is an interesting choice for an HBO Max series, as the hero has been a tough nut for Hollywood to crack. The Ryan Reynolds-led movie bombed, and while there's been lots of talk about a Green Lantern Corps. movie, few major announcements have come from that front. In short, it's a gamble to pursue this project, though Greg Berlanti's track record with DC shows to date has been near impeccable. If anyone can make this happen, it's him.

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