Arrow's David Ramsey Addresses John Diggle's Green Lantern Ties In Season 8

The days are finally coming, fans, when Arrow may take its official stance on John Diggle's connections to the iconic superhero Green Lantern. That possible reveal will be a long time a-coming, with viewers wanting clarification on that front for years now. Not that there are guarantees that everyone will love what they see, but here's hoping everything "rings" true to the mythos.

While we likely won't be hearing Arrow showrunner Beth Schwartz offer up any full-length confessionals about Green Lantern-related reveals, series star David Ramsey did drop a meaningful hint to CinemaBlend and a handful of other press outlets while at San Diego Comic-Con. When Ramsey was asked if fans will get to see more from Diggle as a father in Season 8, here's how the actor answered:

Yes. And Diggle's relationship with his own father as well. There will be loose ends tied up. The relationship between he and his sons, I think we're going to find out about. There's a lot in ten episodes we'll be finding out. And Lyla is a pivotal piece in these upcoming ten episodes. And then ultimately what happens with the Green Lantern mythos. I think all those are going to be answered in ten episodes.

[Double take.] What the what? Despite not being directly asked about getting any Green Lantern or John Stewart updates in the new season, David Ramsey awesomely over-shared with his answer, which is something that fans have grown to love about interviews with the actor. (Stephen Amell is also equally open and frank at times about teases, especially when compared to stars from other secretive shows.)

While John Diggle's role as a father obviously has important implications for the future, what with John Diggle Jr. officially getting cast for Season 8. (It'll be Chicago Fire and Russian Doll vet Charlie Barnett taking the role.) J.J. has been mentioned as the Deathstroke gang's leader in Star City in 2040, so it will be interesting to see how closely the writers tie him to that potential future, where he'll have a rough relationship with his adopted brother Connor Hawke (Joseph David-Jones).

For as interesting as all that is, though, Diggle's children probably don't have any direct ramifications on how the Green Lantern details get parceled out. Instead, that side of the story has deeper connections with Diggle's stepfather, General Stewart, as portrayed by Ghostbusters vet Ernie Hudson. John Stewart was one of the Green Lanterns in the comics, and he's been a suspected alter ego of some kind for John Diggle for quite a while now. It just hasn't been all that clear how.

According to what David Ramsey said at San Diego Comic-Con, though, it sounds like some meaningful answers will be coming during the final season. Not exactly a whole lot of other opportunities after that to do anything, although I suppose Green Lantern could end up becoming a lead character in Legends of Tomorrow or even in his own standalone Arrow-verse series.

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Will Diggle's Green Lantern reveal have something to do with the upcoming "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover? That seems highly likely, since the "Elseworlds" crossover is where we learned that Earth-90 (whose Flash is John Wesley Shipp's version from the 1990 TV series) is where Diggle's counterpart exists as Green Lantern John Stewart. Will the world-combining efforts of the Monitor (and maybe Oliver Queen) help to turn Earth-1's Diggle into the ring-bearing hero? Or will there be another narrative-shaking event involved?

With lots of new costumes and exciting reveals to be made in its final ten episodes – though likely not any that involve Emily Bett Rickards' FelicityArrow will return to The CW for Season 8 on Tuesday, October 15, at 9:00 p.m. ET. For its final year, the dark drama will finally be paired with The Flash, which will kick off Season 6 on Tuesday, October 8, at 8:00 p.m. ET.

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