Survivor Spoilers: Did Aaron Just Screw Himself Over?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for Survivor: Island of the Idols. Read at your own risk!

Aaron Meredith has been quietly playing the role of villain in Survivor: Island of the Idols, and has made some surprising betrayals in the game so far. With that said, the most recent betrayal had to be the most surprising when Aaron ended up pulling a double-cross that may have alienated him from everyone in Vokai. Here's what happened in the latest installment in this wonderfully weird season.

All throughout the episode (which didn't get spoiled by commercials), Aaron was floating around the idea of breaking the 4-4 alliance between Vokai tribe, and offering to join the original members before the split and betraying his former Lairo Tribe. His reasoning was wanting to get rid of Elaine Stott, stating that it was best for his game. His in was Jason Linden, who then vouched for Aaron with OG Vokai to make the betrayal complete.

Then things got weird. Elaine won a power that allowed her to block a vote, which she and the rest of "New Vokai" was planning to use so they could vote out someone in OG Vokai. What "New Vokai" didn't know was that Aaron was still planning to flip, which would give OG Vokai the numbers to still vote out Elaine.

Fast forward to tribal council, where Survivor: Island of the Idols had its most dramatic vote yet. Elaine revealed her power, which Aaron did not apparently reveal the specifics of to OG Vokai. For their part, the members of OG Vokai were blindsided (this is a season of blindsides), but Jason seemed cool even when Elaine blocked his vote. When the votes were tallied, it turned out Aaron was the deciding vote and turned on Jason over Elaine.

Jason immediately called out Aaron for the betrayal, which the vote in the credits confirmed. Aaron had everything he wanted, and he turned his back on his own plan? It didn't make sense (but made for great drama), though it wouldn't be the first time Aaron betrayed someone he seemed to be close to. Remember, Aaron tried to vote Dean out, to the surprise of many in the Lairo Tribe. What exactly is his strategy here?

Whatever is happening, Jason may have blown up Aaron's game revealing him to be the rat in the tribe. No one wants to play a game with someone they can't trust, and this latest move burned OG Vokai alliance, and may lead them to reveal his plan to work with them to New Vokai alliance. Aaron may have made the next Vokai elimination very easy on everyone else!

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