Is The Flash's Nash Wells Good Or Bad?

Nash Wells The Flash

Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Flash. Read at your own risk.

Season 6 of The Flash has been crazy as Team Flash simultaneously works to fight the new big bad Bloodwork and prepares for the oncoming "Crisis" happening a little over a month from now. It sounds overwhelming, though the team should be grateful. The Monitor revealed the key to saving the lives of billions. The bad news, of course, is that it will come at the cost of Barry Allen's life.

Team Flash wants to save the world, but also Barry as well. And wouldn't you know it! It just so happens the new Harrison Wells, a.k.a. Nash Wells, has been operating in the background and supposedly has a plan in mind that will allow them to do exactly that. Is this just another "Good Wells" coming through at a clutch moment, or is there a chance The Flash has another "Evil Wells" on its hands. Let's examine that, and whether or not this mysterious newcomer even is who he says he is.

Nash Wells The Flash The CW

Why Nash Wells Could Be A Good Wells

Team Flash is always very wary of incarnations of Harrison Wells, and to be honest, it's a little unfair. Out of all the Wells the show has featured, only one of them turned out to be evil, and he's actually Eobard Thawne taking on the face of Harrison Wells. Sure, the rest have been gruff and a little arrogant, but they've all generally been upstanding guys.

Nash Wells came in hot, and he immediately rubbed Cisco the wrong way, but what else is new? He's just doing the things a usual Wells would do but his alpha Indiana Jones-esque persona amplifies the more unsavory parts of his character tenfold. Joe seemed to set him straight in their time together, and now he's finally ready to bring Team Flash into his plan that will apparently save Barry Allen.

So far, this is playing out like the Wells story arcs of the past. If all goes according to plan, Team Flash will help, someone will get paranoid Nash Wells is disingenuous in his intentions, and Wells will ultimately check out as clean. Perhaps The Flash's writers are legitimately throwing Team Flash a bone here, and giving them a Wells who may be a big help as they prepare for their biggest fight to date.

Nash Wells The Flash The CW

Why Nash Wells Could Be An Evil Wells

Let's be real. How many times has a character in The Flash promised to do something for Team Flash in exchange for their help only to do the exact opposite? These double-crosses are a hallmark of The CW series, so it's not a stretch to believe that Nash Wells is yet another villain manipulating Team Flash to further his own evil ambitions.

It's also kind of weird that Nash Wells has been essentially dropping bread crumbs about this material he's in search of to Team Flash since his arrival. It's like he has been baiting them into getting involved since the beginning, but was slowly trying to gain their trust first before the big ask of help. What if that whole getting "trapped" business with Joe was just an elaborate scenario to establish some trust between the two of them?

Are we really supposed to believe a Wells who isn't H.R. isn't aware of the composition of the Earth he's on? He doesn't seem unintelligent, yet he nearly killed himself and Joe in a pretty rash and stupid decision? If there are any fans that feel like there's something a little fishy in this situation, I don't blame them. Team Flash may get blindsided yet again, and I'm hoping that, for once, someone is ready for the betrayal and turns the tables!

The Flash The CW

Nash Wells Is Not Who He Says He Is

Good or bad, I think it's fair to speculate that Wells Nash is not who he says he is. Carlos Valdes recently teased something was up with the character in an interview with TV Guide. To summarize, Valdes said to "never trust a Wells," which could work towards the Evil Wells theory as well, but certainly plays to the fact that Nash Wells isn't actually Nash Wells.

In a shock that should surprise no one, Tom Cavanagh won't just be portraying Nash Wells in The Flash Season 6. He's also playing DC Character Pariah, who was somewhat responsible for the release of Anti-Monitor. He's not a bad guy, but he's very much entangled in the drama between the Monitor and Anti-Monitor, and may be looking for a way to prevent the destruction of multiple worlds. That means his intentions are probably related to stopping the Anti-Monitor, though he may just be saying he can save Barry to get Team Flash's help.

Let's also remember that Reverse-Flash is still out there, and he's kind of famous for consistently tricking Team Flash into helping him. In DC Comics, Reverse-Flash is essentially a right-hand-man to the Anti-Monitor, and the newspaper has revealed he and Barry get into some battle during the Crisis. This could be one version of him for sure, though you'd like to think Team Flash wouldn't be dumb enough to fall for this trick yet again.

Then there's the scenario that Nash Wells isn't either of those people, but also not Nash Wells either. This feels like the most unlikely of scenarios, though The Flash has had enough twists and turns over the years that it's really hard to rule anything out. That's especially true the closer we get to "Crisis On Infinite Earths," where the world will get progressively crazier as people from other worlds join forces to stop the destruction of all life. Man, wouldn't it suck if there were two evil, but entirely unrelated Wells?

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Do you believe Nash Wells is good or evil? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and continue to watch new episodes of The Flash Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET on The CW.

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