Arrow-verse Reveals First Look At The Anti-Monitor In Crisis On Infinite Earths

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The Arrow-verse has only just gotten back in action for the fall season, and already audiences are seeing teases for the upcoming mega-crossover "Crisis On Infinite Earths." The Monitor has paid a visit to both Oliver Queen and Barry Allen, but we have yet to see the big threat he's been telling the heroes about: Anti-Monitor. That changed today as the first look of the big bad of the biggest television crossover in DC television is here.

Now, some may be wondering how different Anti-Monitor could look from The Monitor. Both characters are played by LaMonica Garrett after all, so is this just Garrett's Monitor in another outfit? Well, one might not even know Garrett is playing Anti-Monitor after looking at this night and day transformation. Take a look.

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If anyone got Thanos vibes looking at that picture, it wouldn't be too surprising. Anti-Monitor is looking a lot like The Mad Titan in this image, though that background may be making the character look a little more purple than he actually is. Others online made comparisons to Game of Thrones' Night King, suggesting the Arrow-verse adaptation may have taken some inspiration from the character in creating Anti-Monitor.

The Anti-Monitor has been drawn many times over the years in DC Comics, and going off that, what the Arrow-verse came up with looks solid. One complaint some are making is that the character is not sporting a specialized helmet, which is something the character has had in other representations. Of course, we have to remember that just because a helmet isn't in this first look doesn't mean Anti-Monitor will never wear one.

The exact origins of Arrow-verse's Anti-Monitor are unknown, though it's assumed it won't be far off from the original "Crisis On Infinite Earths." In that story, the Monitor and Anti-Monitor have been around since the creation of the multiverse and have been at war ever since. The two knock each other out, but are re-awakened during the experiments of Pariah and go to war yet again. In an effort to defeat his nemesis and save the multiverse, Monitor reaches out to the heroes of Earth for help.

Of course, the Arrow-verse has rarely done a direct lift of DC story lines, so it wouldn’t be surprising of some elements of Anti-Monitor’s character or story are altered in the interest in keeping the story tight for the special. After all, this mega-crossover is stacked with celebrity cameos of old DC shows and movies, and potentially huge moments. Hopefully the Arrow-verse can deliver on all the awesomeness it has teased while still making Anti-Monitor the massive threat he should be.

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“Crisis On Infinite Earths” will make its debut on The CW Sunday, December 8 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Stick with CinemaBlend of updates on what’s happening in the Arrow-verse in the meantime, and for news on other things happening in television and movies.

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