Whoa, Did Star Wars Hide A Mandalorian Spoiler Inside Galaxy's Edge In Disney World?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Mandalorian episode "Chapter 1." Read at your own risk.

Star Wars' Galaxy's Edge may be experiencing a lag in attendance as of late, but attendance may shoot right back up after a recent revelation by one of the park's visitors. It has been known for a while that some unused Star Wars concepts for movies have found their way into the park, and now someone has spotted what may be a pretty sizable spoiler for The Mandalorian hanging out in plain sight.

For anyone who may be planning a trip to the Disney World park anytime soon, be sure to check out Dok-Ondar's Den Of Antiquities. Upon arrival, one can spot an IG-series droid that is laid up against a wall and appears to be damaged. The placement of the shots have led some to wonder if this is more than some random IG-series droid, but rather IG-11 from The Mandalorian. If you haven't checked out Star Wars' first live-action series yet, you can sign up for a 7-day Disney+ free trial here. Otherwises, take a look.

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Star Wars fans are going back and forth on whether this is IG-11 or not, and are mainly hung up on some aesthetics. On one hand, IG-11 had two belts around his torso and this IG-series droid (judging from the picture) only has one. On the other hand, this IG-series droid has a blaster wound to the head that looks almost exactly like the one IG-11 sustained when it was shot by the Mandalorian.

The blaster wound is hard to dispute, though it's worth mentioning this droid had a story prior to The Mandalorian. BK-86 was a security droid for Dok-Ondar (via Endor Express), and was shot in a shootout with Kase Finto after Finto tried to sell Dok-Ondar fake gemstones. As the story goes, the busted up droid is left on display as a warning not to cross Dok-Ondar. So that's that, right?

Dok-Ondar's story sounds solid, but visitors might also notice the store owner is in possession of two other major pieces of The Mandalorian memorabilia. Take a look behind the shop owner's caged-off desk, and there's the Mandalorian's helmet and his rifle hanging up on the back wall.

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Is there a canonical reason for why these items are in Dok-Ondar's possession, or are they just easter eggs for The Mandalorian? One could make the same argument for the IG-series droid, which was a bit more elaborate of a design and therefore may have needed a more suitable backstory to avoid spoiling park goers. After all, what are the odds these two droids would be out of service after sustaining blaster wounds in almost the exact same places?

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