Why Janet And Jason Are The Good Place's Ultimate Love Story, According To The Actors

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After a number of twists, turns, and references to NFL quarterback Blake Bortles, The Good Place is approaching the final leg of its television run. While some could spend that time speculating on what mind-bending twists could be on the way, others may choose to debate some of the NBC comedy's best moments. For example, there's a lot of emotion in the Eleanor and Chidi relationship storyline, but let's be honest, Janet and Jason are this show's ultimate love story.

Not every fan may be convinced of that fact, so I asked Janet actress D'Arcy Carden and Jason actor Manny Jacinto about their characters' unique on-screen relationship. Carden kicked off the discussion about the magic behind Janet and Jason, and how it works even though traditional logic states that it shouldn't.

We think that their relationship is really sweet. There's something very innocent and real about their love even though that is insane because she's not a robot, not a girl and he's a dummy. I feel like something connected early on and they really have each other's best interest in mind. They have each other's backs, ride or die!

D'Arcy Carden really emphasized one of the most magical things about Jason and Janet on The Good Place: it shouldn't work. She's a nearly omnipotent (at least in the afterlife) being that can do and know basically anything, and Jason is a dude from Jacksonville who died suffocating in a safe which he went into willingly. These two couldn't be any more different, but as the popular saying goes, "opposites attract."

And because Janet and Jason are opposites, Manny Jacinto pointed out that they make each other better. Jacinto pointed out how The Good Place has played on Janet and Jason's dynamic, and allowed them both to grow through their relationship with one another. Jacinto added that other relationships in the show have grown from watching their interactions.

I think the beauty about it is that, and I think we've touched on this before, that Jason is evolving through Janet, and Janet is evolving through Jason. Janet is becoming more humanlike, getting more emotions, and learning how to like things and dislike things. Whereas Jason is learning how to become less selfish and a little, I emphasize little, more intelligent with Janet knowing everything in the universe. To top that, I think Chidi and Eleanor actually learn from Janet and Jason's relationship. So it's just like everybody through this weird, kooky connection is kind of learning and evolving and I think that's kind of what makes it so special.

Who can argue Janet and Jason aren't the best couple on The Good Place after that? Unfortunately, that relationship is in jeopardy towards the end of this final season as Janet has put herself on the line to stall the Judge and allow the humans one last shot at changing her mind on rebooting Earth. Ugh, if this situation ends with all the Janets being marbleized, let's just get on with a reboot so it may not happen again.

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