The Good Place Season 3 Finale Delivered Another Devastating Twist For Eleanor

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Warning! The following contains spoiler for the season finale of The Good Place**. Read at your own risk!**

The Good Place Season 3 finale has come and gone, and as usual, there was a twist thrown into the mix that took viewers on quite an emotional roller coaster. The twist was especially devastating to Eleanor, who ended up a victim to one of The Bad Place's worst acts to date. Simone was sent to the new neighborhood, and Chidi was forced to erase his own memory to prevent tainting the experiment.

Specifically, Chidi had to remove all memories he had of Simone, as otherwise, his anxiety of revealing details of the experiment would prevent him from accurately teaching ethics to the new entrants. Unfortunately, Michael couldn't just remove the memories of Simone, he had to erase all memories of the Australia experiment. This included his interactions with the other humans, Michael, and Janet. It was alarming for Eleanor, as he would not remember her or that they were in love.

That's right, The Good Place made Chidi and Eleanor fall out of love again. This time around, though, Eleanor will maintain the full memory of her and Chidi's romance and be forced to run the experiment all while seeing him live in the town unaware and potentially reconnect with Simone. Chidi wasn't too concerned about it, but of course he wouldn't be considering he's not going to be any wiser no matter how the situation shakes out.

Chidi's decision was heart-breaking but also necessary to counter The Bad Place's brilliant sabotage. As it stands, it appears The Bad Place selected 4 people that will make life for the original four humans very difficult as they try and recreate the same situation that ultimately banded them together in Season 1. Before Simone, there was a gossip columnist who wrote scathing criticisms of Tahani, and with 2 more to add, we can only imagine who will appear next season.

Presumably, the next person two people to come to The Good Place will make things harder on Jason and Eleanor. Eleanor has no shortage of people that aggravated her while she was living, but who could Jason possibly have legitimate beef with? Does his hero Blake Bortles have any enemies that would drive Jason up the wall for the next couple thousand years? Tom Brady is an option, but he might be a little too busy to appear.

The Good Place has been renewed for Season 4 at NBC. It's going to be quite a wait before next season is on television, so be sure to take a trip over to our midseason premiere guide and see a whole heap of shows arriving before then.

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