The Conners Is Bringing Back An Unexpected Family Member Soon

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The Conners is still rolling strong on ABC, and continuing to do what it can to carry on the Roseanne legacy without the title character. The family sitcom has done a solid job thus far, though one has to really tip one's hat to the show's upcoming effort to work a character into the show's new story that many may have forgotten. Season 2 is about to get even crazier, as Dan's half-brother Ed will make his way back into the lives of the Conner family.

Ed Jr., who was named after Dan's father Ed, is obviously no longer a baby. The 21-year-old adult version of the character will appear on The Conners because he has a beef with his half-brother Dan, who Ed Jr. wants to help more with their aging father. For those that don't remember, Ed Jr. is the child of Ed Sr., and the second wife of the Conner patriarch, Crystal. TVLine reported casting for the actor is underway, and the character will debut sometime in 2020.

Why is Dan not helping Ed. Jr in caring for their shared father? Roseanne featured Ed Sr. as a recurring character, and his appearance typically meant some form of confrontation with Dan. The two have a complicated past, and it's more than fair to say that Ed Jr. has gotten to know a different side of his father that Dan may not have experienced growing up. I'd wager that The Conners touches on that experience, and may open up Ed Jr.'s eyes a bit in regards to his half-brother.

Another point of tension in Dan Conner's relationship with his father is his second wife, Crystal. Crystal was a good friend of Roseanne and Jackie's, and then eventually started a romance with the much older Ed Sr. Crystal's marriage to the older man was generally seen to be positive in Roseanne, though perhaps Ed Jr. could share some stories that show that his time with their dad wasn't so different from Dan's experience after all.

Ed Jr. hasn't picked the best time to come to his brother with a grievance, as things are pretty heated for The Conners at the moment. Becky and Darlene are on the outs, and that drama over the Lunch Box has really driven a wedge between this family as of late. This could lead Dan to be far less understanding of his younger brother's position when he arrives on the scene, and may cause a falling out of sorts between the two. But, would it be The Conners without some drama?

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