Chicago Fire Will Return In 2020 With Some 'New Living Arrangments'

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When Chicago Fire returns in 2020, it will do so with some changes to its cast of characters’ living arrangements. Sylvie Brett and Matthew Casey’s relationship is not the only thing set to get complicated when the NBC drama makes its grand comeback next year. Living arrangements are going to get switched up too!

That is the news from Chicago Fire showrunner Derek Haas, who has already explained how Kelly Severide’s story will keep going, since he left Firehouse 51. Following fan questions regarding if Casey would continue living with Severide or strike out on his own, Derek Haas told TVLine, there would be “some new living arrangements for various characters” on the horizon.

By on the horizon, we mean when Chicago Fire makes its midseason return in 2020, on January 8. Hence, fans will not have to wait long when Season 8 continues to learn who is switching things up. If you thought that massive cliffhanger in the fall finale was the only thing to contemplate over the hiatus, there is more to consider!

Chicago Fire’s showrunner did not clarify who would be making changes. Career-wise, Severide has been no stranger to change. He has been working on his transfer to the Office of Fire Investigation. Meanwhile, Severide’s current roommate Casey is coming off of a spark-filled reunion with his ex-wife, Gabriela Dawson.

After the fall finale explored “the heat” between Casey and Dawson, Season 8 could go anywhere. The former married couple’s reunion brought “mixed emotions” for Casey and Brett, both of whom had gotten pretty flirty with each other before Dawson returned. It is unclear what, if any, impact Casey’s reunion with his ex-wife will have on him desiring a new living space.

Change is undoubtedly afoot on Chicago Fire. Since the series’ showrunner is leaving quite a bit of mystery regarding who is moving, it is unclear who will be departing their current abodes. Maybe Casey and Severide will continue being roommates, and someone else will be on the move? It is possible.

Chicago Fire’s showrunner made it clear that “various characters” will have new living arrangements upon the drama’s return. That makes me think it will be more than two characters who are affected by the rebooted living spaces. Could that mean Casey, Severide, and other characters will be caught in the change of living quarters?

Of course, “various” does not have to mean more than two. Unfortunately, for fans hoping that Dawson could return to shake up Casey’s living situation, their recent reunion was short-lived. So far, she has only returned for the fall finale. On that note, stay tuned to find out who is moving where, when Chicago Fire resumes next year!

New episodes of Chicago Fire will return as one of this winter’s premieres on Wednesday, January 8, 2020, at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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