How Wheel Of Fortune's Pat Sajak Is Doing After His Emergency Surgery

Pat Sajak and Vanna White Wheel of Fortune
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A few weeks ago, Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak had to take some time off due to undergoing emergency surgery, leaving his longtime work pal Vanna White to take over some of his duties in his stead. In the days since, he’s been recovering at home and seems to be doing well while he recuperates.

In fact, Pat Sajak has been active on social media as he has worked to get well (and probably to stave off any death hoax rumors, as often happens when a celebrity undergoes surgery). Like many of us, he has taken to his couch and Netflix to recuperate, noting a few days ago:

The Great British Baking Show all day and hockey all night. Surgery is no fun, but recuperation has its good side.

Speaking of hockey, after a few more days of recovery over the Thanksgiving holiday, NBC Sports caught Pat Sajak at a Washington Capitals game in Washington when they played the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Black Friday hockey event happened around three weeks after Pat Sajak’s emergency. Per NBC Sports’ Craig Laughlin (via RMNB),

Always great to see Pat around the arena. Loves his hockey. He’s getting better. He says the worst has passed Joe B after that surgery so well wishes to Pat and the family.

Pat Sajak also reported on Twitter that he spent the Thanksgiving holiday out and about with his family. He had previously told the Wheel of Fortune family that recovery would be “complete and relatively fast," noting in a prepared statement:

Getting back home has given me the time to reflect on – and appreciate – the love and support of my family, friends, co-workers, casual acquaintances and countless Wheel Watchers. Recovery will be complete and relatively fast. And for better or worse, doctors tell me they did not remove my sense of humor. See you all soon.

When Will Pat Sajak Return To Work On Wheel Of Fortune?

Wheel of Fortune’s official social media accounts have been really good about giving viewers updates on Pat Sajak since he had to bow out of the show for a bit a few weeks ago. The show itself announced that Vanna White would be taking over as host while Pat Sajak recovered and it was the show that shared Pat Sajak’s important message about returning soon.

However, Wheel of Fortune has not officially updated us on when Pat Sajak will make his big return, but given the nature of syndicated TV, nothing happens in real time. In fact, Vanna White’s big stint as host will only start airing on December 9, so don’t expect to see Pat Sajak officially back on your TV post-surgery for a little while longer.

She’s been a bit cheeky about her newfound duties as well.

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In the meantime, we wish Pat Sajak the best of luck as he continues to recuperate from his surgery. The good news is that his Caps are 19-4-5 at the time of this writing, so he has plenty to celebrate about.

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