ABC's Schooled Is Getting A Showrunner Change-Up Again, But There's Good News For Fans

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Things are changing behind-the-scenes of ABC's The Goldbergs spinoff series, Schooled. It is not the first time that the comedy has experienced some changes. This time, the series, which is currently airing its second season, will get a new showrunner. This marks Schooled’s second showrunner switch. Outgoing head honcho Tim Doyle replaced co-creator and then-showrunner Marc Firek.

Who is replacing Tim Doyle? Schooled promoted from within to fill his shoes. Doyle will be replaced by Schooled’s co-executive producers, Tom Hertz and Vanessa McCarthy, per THR. There is some assuring news for fans hoping the show’s creative integrity remains strong and consistent. The new showrunning team will reportedly work closely with Adam F. Goldberg, who co-created The Goldbergs’ spinoff.

What caused Tim Doyle to exit his role in Schooled? Reportedly, it was creative differences sparked by Doyle’s vision for the comedy, which did not reconcile with ABC, Sony TV, and ABC Studios’. Before joining Schooled, Doyle was the creator of the short-lived comedy, The Kids Are Alright. It starred The Walking Dead’s Michael Cudlitz and Out of Sight’s Mary McCormack as the parents of a big family.

The showrunner change isn't the only big development in the Schooled curriculum. ABC has ordered nine more episodes of Season 2, which gives the show's sophomore run a full-season order!

Schooled started its second season with 13 episodes. Considering the order for more episodes, ABC clearly has faith in the spinoff. Schooled’s behind-the-scenes changes come amid its mothership series’ own alterations. A few months ago brought word that Adam F. Goldberg was stepping down as The Goldbergs’ showrunner. He will remain creatively involved as an executive producer.

Adam F. Goldberg remaining involved in the spinoff is a good sign for those anticipating the “back nine.” The series’ journey to making it on-screen had been a winding one before it premiered in January 2019. After ABC announced a Goldbergs spinoff was in the works a few years ago, it was said to be moving forward.

A backdoor pilot aired in January 2018, and the spinoff eventually got a green-light. Schooled follows the staff of William Penn Academy, which includes Tim Meadows as Principal John Glascott and Bryan Callen as Coach Rick Mellor. AJ Michalka also stars as Lainey Lewis. While The Goldbergs takes place in the 1980s, Schooled takes place in the 1990s.

ABC has been making some changes lately, with Grey’s Anatomy being given a new time slot. In a television landscape that is always evolving, the networks are trying to keep pace! Time will tell what on-screen impact Schooled’s behind-the-scenes changes have on it. The show has recruited two individuals familiar with it, so I think that is a positive sign!

For those who want to continue living in the past on ABC, new episodes of Schooled air Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. ET on ABC. The series' sophomore season is one of the shows airing new this winter.

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