Smallville’s Clark Kent Got A Very Different Ending Than We Expected In Crisis On Infinite Earths

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Spoilers ahead for the second episode of the Arrow-verse's "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover.

The Arrow-verse brought all kinds of DC alums for the five-part "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover, and the Batwoman leg of the event aired as the second episode and introduced Kevin Conroy's Earth-99 Bruce Wayne, Brandon Routh's second go as the Man of Steel, and Smallville's Clark Kent, with Tom Welling back in the role and Erica Durance reprising her role as Lois Lane. Welling and Durance's appearances provided an update on Smallville's Clark and Lois, and it was not what we expected.

Let's jump into how "Crisis on Infinite Earths" managed to bring back Tom Welling's Smallville character. Lex Luthor, brought back to life by The Monitor for some unknown purpose, immediately stole the Book of Destiny to alter reality by killing every Superman on every Earth. He was succeeding in murdering Supermen throughout the multiverse before turning up to kill a Clark who was very familiar to Smaillville fans, although he was not the Lex that Smallville fans were likely hoping for.

He was chopping wood on the Smallville farm, although Earth-38 Clark (who turned up along with Earth-38 Lois and Earth-1 Iris to try and save to day) noted that he was using a lot more force than a Kryptonian should have needed under the yellow sun of Earth. After Lex used the Book of Destiny to send the Earth-38 and Earth-1 visitors away, he prepared to kill Smallville Clark and pulled out a chunk of kryptonite to do it.

To Lex's shock, Clark was completely unaffected by the kryptonite, and even grabbed it from Lex to throw it into a field. Lex was confused until Clark revealed that he'd given up his powers. Lex couldn't understand why his nemesis would have given up his godlike powers... until he stepped on a toy underfoot and realized. Clark had given up his powers to build a life with Lois and their daughters. It was a life without superheroics and supervillainy, aside from the occasional Crisis, and both Smallville characters seemed perfectly okay with it.

Was it a little disconcerting to see Smallville's hero be so casual about the fight to prevent the end of the multiverse? Sure. Then again, he gave up the life of the superhero and his powers, so even if he'd wanted to pitch in, he might not have seen how he would be any help. Unlike the likes of Oliver Queen and Sara Lance, Superman in any of his forms was not known for fighting without powers. That said, he did pull off a pretty solid punch to Lex's jaw, as he was still stronger than Lex.

So, that's the ending for Smallville's Clark Kent and Lois Lane! They got married, Clark gave up his powers, they moved to the iconic Kent farmhouse, and had some kids, although not necessarily in that order. Both Clark and Lois got happy and tranquil endings, which had to be reassuring for Smallville fans and maybe even a little soothing for Arrow-verse fans who just saw the very first Arrow hero die a premature death.

That was likely it for Tom Welling in "Crisis on Infinite Earths," but it's possible Erica Durance will be back if Kara succeeds in bringing back the Earth-38 universe, which could mean the return of Alura, also played by Durant. The final episode of "Crisis on Infinite Earths" in 2019 airs December 10 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW, with the final two episodes airing in early 2020.

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