Miss America's 2020 Pageant Gets A Thumbs Down From Fans

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The Miss America 2020 pageant is in the books, and another progressive new take on the classic competition has finished. Dubbed "Miss America 2.0," the competition was designed to put a spin on the old format, and switch up the way things will be done. Fans tuned into the two-hour competition live, and the general consensus of many on Twitter was pretty negative.

Fans of the Miss America pageant were not silent throughout the festivities, and took issue with several aspects of the new production. One of the most popular complaints was the amount of judge feedback following contestant responses, which many felt mimicked reality television programming.

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Others took issue with the production value, which some felt paled in comparison to years past. The stage was small, some contestants were seated during the opening, and there's no denying the stage seemed pretty congested. It certainly didn't have a big-show feel as we watched the stage, though shots of the crowd showed the venue looked to be bigger than it initially appeared.

Space on the stage wasn't a huge deal for the Miss America 2020 pageant anyway, as the show cut its contestants from 51 to 7 in the span of about 30 minutes. Many of the women were eliminated after their introductions, with the audience getting little more than a paragraph on what they were about before saying goodbye. Viewers accepted that part, though many griped about how unceremoniously the semi-finalists were weeded out after the initial eliminations with little to no fanfare.

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While it may have been important for contestants to be recognized as semi-finalists, a good deal of Miss America 2020 viewers felt it was senseless to cut the number from 15 to 7 almost immediately after the announcement. It definitely helped streamline the competition, but perhaps there is a way to change things to make it all feel a bit more meaningful next year?

Some were just outright disgusted with the pageant, but at the same time, couldn't change the channel. Miss America 2020 may not have been everyone's cup of tea, but perhaps the hate-watching done by many will give it a ratings boost this year?

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It all went over the top in the finale, in which Camille Schrier of Virginia was crowned Miss America 2020. No one seemed too miffed about that, but there were plenty upset she didn't do a pageant walk, nor did "There She Is, Miss America" play following her victory. It was the cherry on top of a disaster-flavored sundae for Miss America enthusiasts on Twitter, with very little positive buzz about the competition trending during the broadcast.

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