Friends Isn't On Netflix Anymore, And Fans Are Having A Rough Time

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For many people, January 1 marked the start of a brand new year and a brand new decade, with the sky as the limit for how amazing things can get in the near future. For many other people, though, January 1 has been The One Where Netflix Got Rid Of All The Friends Episodes Forever. Understandably, the somewhat sudden excision of Friends as a streaming option has left a lot of Netflix users feeling a certain kind of way.

In most cases, Netflix customers have been caught in cycles of rage over Netflix having the audacity to remove one of the most binge-ready sitcoms in existence, as well as fits of sadness that it'll be another five months before Friends will return to streaming (as part of HBO Max's launch). Some users didn't even wait until the new year officially started before Friends-free emotions took over.

Ouch, amirite? As Friends fans know, the fist-bang is Monica and Ross' equivalent to giving someone the middle finger, so this particular viewer obviously isn't happy that the show had to take a permanent vacation from Netflix.

Similarly, this Twitter user definitely doesn't think that Friends leaving Netflix is a moo(t) point.

The fan below can probably attest to the temporary sense of false calm that one can feel when considering the fact that Friends isn't available to stream for the first chunk of 2020. It seems okay at first, but then the more emotionally poignant reaction takes over.

To be fair, the news that Friends would be leaving Netflix has been publicized for ages. Fans first went through rage-filled reactions to the concept back at the end of 2018, before Netflix ponied up a ton of money to keep Friends in its content library for one more year. (Despite that, Netflix execs are reportedly not worried about losing Friends or The Office.)

But there was no justice for Friends fans who were trying to get some last-minute episodes watched before 2020 rang in, as evidenced by the following tweet.

For millions of people, Friends served as the perfect show to fall asleep to, and many likely experienced that for the last time on December 31. (At least with Netflix being the show's home.) Sadly, it will no longer serve as a daily reminder of fans' nightly rituals.

Note that Friends' absence on Netflix is relegated to the U.S., while subscribers in other regions are reportedly still able to access it. As one might imagine, this detail didn't help quell anyone's foul feelings.

Though the majority of Friends-related tweets are from hyperbolically upset fans, there were some people waving sad flags over Netflix losing another classic Emmy-winning sitcom.

To be sure, there are also a lot of people on social media celebrating Friends leaving Netflix, since the ubiquitous NBC comedy has its fair share of detractors that cannot stand hearing debates about whether Ross and Rachel were really on a break or not. As well, some Twitter users had amusing takes on the situation that weren't fueled by emotional distress.

And, of course, for anyone who was overly worried that Friends leaving Netflix would also mean that Olive Garden would be depleted from the casual dining landscape, the restaurant took to social media with some soothing words.

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For now, Friends isn't there for anyone anymore, but it will be back and ready for more streaming whenever WarnerMedia's new streaming service HBO Max debuts in May. There's a good chance we might hear more about that Friends reunion special in the near future, too, so stay tuned!

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