Bachelor Spoilers: Did Jimmy Kimmel Correctly 'Predict' Who Wins Peter's Season?

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MAJOR SPOILERS ahead from The Bachelor 2020, aka Bachelor Peter Weber's Season 24 on ABC.

Who does Bachelor Peter Weber pick in the end of his 2020 season? Well, that's STILL the big question, since he's been bragging that his The Bachelor Season 24 finale can't be spoiled, even though filming ended in mid-November 2019. (We do know Peter's final two.) However, you may recall that Jimmy Kimmel was the first one to correctly spoil Hannah Brown's The Bachelorette ending and now I'm wondering if Kimmel was right again and correctly "predicted" Bachelor Peter Weber's winner.

Jimmy Kimmel "predicts" The Bachelor or Bachelorette winner every season, saying it's his wife Molly who does the predictions and they usually match Reality Steve's spoilers. However, spoiler guru Steve initially said Bachelorette Hannah Brown picked Tyler Cameron, not Jed Wyatt. But on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jimmy -- or, Molly -- picked Jed as the winner. That was a month before Reality Steve changed his spoilers to Hannah B. picking Jed.

Reality Steve still does not know how Bachelor Peter's final rose ceremony plays out, beyond telling us Peter's final two ladies and noting that Peter does not have a "normal" ending. The season finale preview that played at the start of The Bachelor premiere hinted as much.

So maybe Jimmy Kimmel was right first again? If so, Bachelor Peter may now be with Hannah Ann Sluss. During Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jimmy named his "predictions" for Peter's final three, breaking out Bachelor cast photos of each lady:

• Hannah Ann (who got the first impression rose)• Madison (who got the first one-on-one date)• Kelley (who met Peter in a hotel before the season even started)Jimmy Kimmel predicted that Peter picked Hannah Ann.

Peter played coy, while fellow Jimmy Kimmel Live guest Tiffany Haddish made her own guess for #2, meaning Madison:

Peter: We will see. Are you reading anything right now? Am I giving anything away?Tiffany: I think it was #2 because he was smiling really big.Jimmy: Maybe he was doing that to try to throw us off.Tiffany: And he turned a little red, though, like he's seen her naked.

Interesting! Reality Steve has shared several spoilers on the season, including that Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann Sluss are Bachelor Peter's final two. Kelley Flanagan supposedly leaves before hometowns. Peter's #3 is reportedly drama-magnet Victoria Fuller, not Kelley.

There was a note in the preview about someone waiting a long time to tell Peter she's a virgin. Supposedly that's Victoria F. speaking about Madison as a virgin. So Peter may not have seen her naked.

At any rate, since Peter is meant to have an abnormal ending that can't be spoiled, many fans have been led to speculate that it's not actually over yet.

I'm still on the train that maybe Hannah Brown comes back into the picture -- not physically on the show after the result of their conversation at the start of next week's episode, but maybe she calls Chris Harrison or someone in production in the end. Maybe not. The timing wouldn't work for her to show up for the final rose ceremony in Australia since she was on Dancing With the Stars in L.A. at the same time. (LATER UPDATE: Reality Steve finally shared definitive spoilers on whether Peter ends up with Hannah Brown or not.)

Chris Harrison and Peter Weber have hinted to something heartbreaking about the news that comes up on final rose ceremony day. So maybe it's serious about someone's health issues or something.

That photo at the top of the story shows Bachelor Peter Weber holding an engagement ring and it does look like he was ready to propose to someone before Chris Harrison showed up with some kind of news. According to Steve, Peter did not get engaged on final rose ceremony day in mid-November in Australia. That's not to say he didn't get engaged later. He's said to be happy with how things turned out. So it's possible Peter did end up with Hannah Ann.

If Peter is with "naive" (per Chris Harrison) Hannah Ann, as Jimmy Kimmel predicted, that's bad news for anyone who wanted him with Hannah Brown or Madison or whoever. I personally doubt he's with Hannah Ann, but you never know. There's usually a curse on The Bachelor's first impression rose, and that lady usually does not win in the end. First impression rose winners definitely do better when it comes to The Bachelorette. But "winner" is a weird word for this show, especially in this case when Peter supposedly does not get engaged.

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I'm still leaning toward Bachelor Peter currently being with either Hannah Brown or Madison after the show, but I'm open to surprises. Pilot Pete doesn't think we'll guess what happens and maybe Jimmy Kimmel doesn't have the inside info this time. Watch The Bachelor full season preview here for more clues/misdirection:

I'm thinking he feels like he wants to pass out because it was so hot, rather than from the drama. ABC filmed the final rose ceremony in Australia right before the heart of their summer. The Bachelor 2020 Season 24 continues Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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