Who Did Bachelor Peter Pick? Spoilers Suggest Live Ending For Final 2 (And Hannah Brown?)

The Bachelor Peter drools over Hannah Brown in ABC promo
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SPOILERS ahead on The Bachelor 2020, aka Bachelor Peter Weber's Season 24.

It's not over yet! The Bachelor 2020 seems to have gone for an interesting new strategy to avoid spoiling who Bachelor Peter Weber picked in the end. Pilot Pete was bragging that his season can't be spoiled, but that's already not true. We know -- or think we know -- who he picked down to his final two ladies. But does Pete get engaged in the end? He did say he was happy with how things turned out, which suggests he is with someone now. But will there be a live finale, showing his choice during the After the Final Rose special or whatnot?

Spoilers already told us The Bachelor premiere starts with a final rose ceremony twist, it's just a matter of what Chris Harrison tells Peter and what it may change for his finale decision -- and is that tied to what Peter's mom wants him to do?

Please don't tell me Bachelor Peter just wanted to wait for Bachelorette Hannah Brown to finish competing on Dancing With the Stars and then approached her again (or she approached him). Maybe they are together now? Maybe not. Dancing With the Stars 2019, which Hannah won, ended with a live finale in late November in Los Angeles. Hannah showed up briefly for the first couple of Peter's The Bachelor episodes, which taped in September, before leaving to start her DWTS journey. Bachelor Peter's pre-taped season finished filming in Australia in mid-November. I doubt Peter and Hannah B. are together now, but ... if that's the case and they are happy, whatever. Good for Hannah Brown for finally winning things.

(UPDATE: Reality Steve did later update with spoilers on whether Peter ends up with Hannah Brown or not. Good news to some, disappointing to others!)

That would suck for Bachelor Peter's final two from the ABC show, though. Reality Steve already spoiled their names, and any kind of potential Hannah B. twist would essentially turning these two ladies into a repeat of Bachelor Brad Womack's Season 11 finalists:

Hannah Ann Sluss & Madison Prewett

The Bachelor Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett

Head over here for Bachelor Peter's final four, which reportedly include potential season villain/misunderstood victim Victoria Fuller.

More on the finalists in a minute. We already knew, per spoiler guru Reality Steve, that Bachelor Peter would not have a "normal ending" -- i.e., Peter dumps one finalist and proposes or just picks the other. There's something else going on. After Peter's tease that his season couldn't be spoiled, Steve shared the little he knew...

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Reality Steve later said he'd heard the same thing behind-the-scenes since Thanksgiving, that there's a reason the ending isn't going to be spoiled. Bachelor host Chris Harrison said Peter's season has a "wild, turbulent ending" fans won't be able to predict. He also repeated to Good Morning America that we won't know how it's going to end until the very end and "it's possible it's still not over."

Peter admitted to ET that he and Hannah Brown "could be" a couple right now, but what else is he supposed to say? He has to drag out the Hannah B. storyline ABC started with its promos and, if it's true that they are together, he can't really confirm or deny. He did say this, though:

I can say I am very happy with how everything ended. I'm excited that there's a reason no one's gonna find out the ending. I'm excited about that.

That to me suggests a live Bachelor finale, or at least something taped long after whatever cliffhanger we get from the final rose ceremony that happened November in Australia. If Bachelor Peter is really happy right now, he is probably with someone, as opposed to having to dodge questions about his happiness or tweet shade like Hannah Brown did after stuff started coming out about Wrong Reasons Jed.

Reality Steve said there were two things he knew about the situation:

1. Peter did not get engaged to anyone on final rose ceremony day. He may be engaged now, or get engaged on the finale, but he did not get engaged that day.2. Madison’s dad did not give Peter his blessing to marry his daughter during his hometown date visit.

Does that mean Bachelor Peter waited to get Madi's dad's blessing? Could we see that in one of those taped videos during the After the Final Rose special?

Madison was already kind of a favorite to win over Hannah Ann just by virtue of Hannah Ann getting the first impression rose in The Bachelor's January 6 premiere. That rose tends to have a curse on it. Of course, 2020 could be the year that breaks the curse, but I wouldn't be shocked if this all just boils down to Bachelor Peter wanting to wait to get Madi's dad's blessing, since her dad Chad Prewett is the Auburn basketball coach and a big deal in her life. Then again, that's not exactly turbulent or very dramatic.

Chris Harrison already shared some early thoughts on the ladies in the big cast announcement, and it didn't take much reading between the lines to see he's a big fan of Madison and maybe maybe maybe not so much of "naive" Hannah Ann.

Hannah Ann is friends with The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise 2019's Hannah Godwin, but this new Hannah is apparently naive about how everything works on The Bachelor. Chris Harrison said Hannah Ann ends up in all the drama. Madison, on the other hand, he described as a good girl. So if Bachelor Peter doesn't pick her, she might be high on the list of 2020 Bachelorettes. Either way, fans shouldn't scan Instagram for ring finger spoilers since that's never a good idea.

That's the other thing we have to look out for -- not just who Bachelor Peter picks in the end, whenever the end happens, but who ABC and The Powers That Be will pick to follow Bachelorette Hannah's ill-fated 2019 season. And don't forget that a good number of castaways will show up again this summer on Bachelor in Paradise 2020.

Even though we don't know what exactly happens in the end yet, for any number of reasons, I'm willing to throw down a guess that Bachelor Peter is with Madi now. If not her, I'm willing to accept that Peter is back with Bachelorette Hannah Brown. I don't care if it's nuts. This is The Bachelor. They have to top the fence jump and Wrong Reasons Jed of 2019. Plus, that windmill is just waiting for Round 5.

The Bachelor 2020 starts January 6 with a three-hour episode that includes Bachelor Peter's first one-on-one date with Madison. Watch the car crash Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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