The Bachelor 2020 Cut 'Revenge Boobs' From Victoria F.'s ABC Cast Bio

Victoria F. The Bachelor 2020 ABC official cast photo
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The Bachelor 2020 just revealed the official cast photos and bios for Bachelor Peter Weber's Season 24. Among the names is Victoria F., aka Victoria Fuller, and host Chris Harrison already warned that she gets involved in everything. There are spoilers on that front too, but you don't even have to look for spoilers -- ABC has already dragged Victoria F. into drama with her cast bio.

A section of Victoria F.'s Bachelor bio mentioned how she got a revenge body and "revenge boobs" after a bad break up -- noting that she loves her new boobs. Then that part got cut out.

Reality Steve -- who has been collecting spoilers on Bachelor Peter's season -- shared a screenshot of the before-and-after section of Victoria F.'s bachelorette biography:

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Here's what was there previously:

...She works part time at a yoga studio, but her true passion is her career in medical sales. After a terrible break up, Victoria hit the gym hard. She calls her new look her revenge body, and she even spiced things up by purchasing a pair of revenge boobs, which she LOVES! Victoria is looking for a guy that can make her laugh and melt her heart...

Here's that section of Victoria F.'s bio now:

... She works part time at a yoga studio, but her true passion is her career in medical sales where she works super hard. Victoria is looking for a guy that can make her laugh and melt her heart...

ABC ultimately went back and cut out the part about her revenge body. Why? I don't know if I believe that they'd do it if Victoria was upset. This show cares nothing about upsetting contestants -- see Victoria F.'s spoiler date info below, if you care to.

Still, I didn't even know "revenge boobs" were a thing. But if Victoria F. really said or wrote all of that about herself, somewhere in The Bachelor casting process, why not own it?

On Monday, Bachelor host Chris Harrison did a live cast reveal, sharing little tidbits on each of Bachelor Peter's bachelorettes. Chris said Victoria F. was the most everything -- he actually compared her to Forrest Gump, meaning she just managed to have everything happen to her. It was a weird comparison, but apparently she went through a lot on the show.

Since I mentioned spoilers, are you interested in any details on her, and anyone else?

MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD from The Bachelor 2020.

Bachelor Peter's season was taped from September to late November and one of his one-on-one dates with Victoria F. included a musical guest. That musician happened to be Chase Rice, who was not only a finalist on Survivor: Nicaragua, he is Victoria's ex-boyfriend. I'm not sure yet if he's the "revenge boobs" ex or if that's someone else, but apparently going on a date with Peter and having Chase right there turns into big awkward drama. It does sound pretty low of the Bachelor producers to set that up, but that's par for the course.

According to Reality Steve, Victoria F. is also involved in other drama, with people from her life coming on the show to warn Peter about her past behavior and allege some not-so-great things. However, it sounds like Peter really likes her, or keeps her around anyway if producers want him to, since spoilers suggest she stays until the final 3.

Here are the final two ladies, per Steve. Who does Bachelor Peter pick? His final rose ceremony is said to not have a "normal ending," which is pretty intriguing. But don't go looking for ring finger spoilers to get the answers.

The Bachelor Season 24 has a three-hour (I know) premiere on Monday, January 6 at 8 p.m. on ABC. In the meantime, watch the one season of The Bachelor that is now on Netflix. It's not the first one, but it is the first one that was ever spoiled.

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