Chris Harrison Reveals Key Bachelor Spoilers On 'Naive' Hannah Ann, Madison, And Victoria F.

The Bachelor 2020 promo shocked Hannah Ann
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MAJOR SPOILERS ahead from The Bachelor 2020, aka Bachelor Peter Weber's Season 24.

And we're off! Chris Harrison just had a live cast announcement to reveal the 30 ladies of The Bachelor Peter Weber's Season 24, which premieres Monday, January 6 on ABC. He also shared some spoilers -- some mild, and some that should raise the eyebrows of fans following Reality Steve's spoilers on Bachelor Peter's season.

As spoiler fans probably know, Reality Steve said Bachelor Peter's final four are Victoria Fuller, Madison Prewett, Hannah Sluss, and Kelsey Weier. Kelsey was reportedly eliminated after hometowns, and Victoria left after that, with the final two being Hannah Ann and Madison. Apparently Peter's season does not have "a normal ending."

So keep that in mind as you watch the video below. The Bachelor rosemaster Chris Harrison read off each contestant one by one, while little images of the woman in question danced behind him. (He was embarrassed for them too.)

Here are some key spoilers/memorable notes from Chris Harrison's live cast announcement:

Victoria Fuller

Chris Harrison says Victoria F. is the most everything. She went through so much on the show. Bachelor spoilers indicate Victoria F. gets into a lot of drama -- including with her ex-boyfriend Chase Rice invited as a musical guest on one of her own one-on-one dates -- but Chris Harrison seemed to take pity on her. He compared her to Forrest Gump (!) but only in that she seemed to have everything happen to her.

Hannah Ann Sluss

Interestingly enough, Chris Harrison seemed less kind to Hannah Ann, acknowledging that she came to Bachelor Peter's season through Hannah G. of Bachelor Colton's season. The same Hannah Godwin who just got engaged on Bachelor in Paradise. Both Hannahs are models together but apparently Hannah Ann didn't know what she was getting into. Per Chris Harrison:

She seemed very naive about this whole Bachelor world. For someone who is so naive and innocent, she ended up in the middle of absoltely everything. Every bit of drama you could run into, there was Hannah Ann. But let me just say this about her. Seems sweet, quiet, reserved? Girl's got a backbone. Girl's got a backbone.

He said that twice for emphasis, so now we know to look for Hannah Ann in all of the drama and see her stand up for herself. The naivite worries me. I'm wondering if fans won't like her? Bachelor Peter likes her, at least, and Reality Steve's spoilers noted that Hannah Ann gets the first impression rose. That can have a curse on it, though, and that's one of the reasons why some fans think Madison has the edge to "win," if Bachelor Peter even has a "winner."

Madi Prewett

Sounds like Chris Harrison is a big fan of Madison. She's an Auburn girl, as he pointed out, so even though she's from Alabama like Bachelorette Hannah Brown, "Don't say Roll Tide." Her dad is the Auburn basketball coach and Harrison said Madi herself is a former MVP for her four-time state champion hoops team. He also said she has a heart of gold and is a recruiter that matched foster parents with children. "This is a good girl." He also added a spoiler alert -- that she gets the first one-on-one date.

We already knew that from Reality Steve's Bachelor premiere spoilers, but it's good to hear from Chris Harrison too. The Bachelor 2020 premiere will be three hours, including that one-on-one date, which is usually reserved for the second week. That's per Steve's spoilers.

Pre-Season Connections

As Chris Harrison noted, several women already knew each other before coming onto Bachelor Peter's season. That's new for the show, or at least new to be acknowledged. The pageant circuit is small, Peter's flight world is small, and Harrison admitted they basically cast a lot of people from Texas and Chicago and that's it.

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison also noted that Kelley met Peter prior to the taping of the show. They met at a hotel they were both at for separate parties. She went up to him and they met and both think it may be destiny. "It kind of becomes a thing night one."

Cats and Rats

Reality Steve already noted there are girls in the house who call themselves the Cats and call the girls they don't like the Rats. Chris Harrison acknowledged that is the case, saying Natasha coined the phrase.

Some other notes:

Alayah - Chris Harrison said something they've never had in the history of the show happens to Alayah. She's one of the many "pageant girls" on the show. Apparently the wildest roller coaster ride of the season revolves around her. Lots of controversy and emotion.

Jenna arrives Night 1 in with another lady, and leaves that lady with Peter? Ashley P. is involved, I guess.

Katrina had maybe the best intro of the season, Chris teased.

Kelsey and "ChampagneGate" will be ridiculous but awesome

Kiarra's nickname Kiki will annoy us after a while. But Chris Harrison said she becomes a house favorite and she's a favorite of Peter's too.

Tammy has one of his favorite stories, with six jobs and the American dream. Badass woman who was told she couldn't be on the wrestling team and did it anyway.

Watch The Bachelor Season 24 preview that aired at the end of Chris Harrison's live cast reveal:

And here are the ladies, in case you want to see the full lineup:

The Bachelor 2020 cast

The Bachelor 2020 premieres Monday, January 6 at 8 p.m. on ABC. In the meantime, watch the one season of The Bachelor that Netflix just added -- the crazy one that started the whole spoilers trend.

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