Outlander’s Sam Heughan Promises Claire And Jamie Are ‘Still The Sexiest Couple’ In Season 5

Outlander Season 5 in 2020 first look

Thanks to time travel and some clever makeup, we’ve seen Jamie and Claire on Outlander go from a young couple to a set of grandparents over the span of just a few short seasons. Despite the on-screen aging, Jamie and Claire are still played by Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, will still get pretty steamy in the new season.

Sure, a little bit of this was confirmed in the trailer for Season 5, but if you needed some added incentive to tune in, series lead Sam Heughan has some for you. He recently said:

They might be the grandparents of the show now, but Claire and Jamie are still the sexiest couple — not Bree and Roger.

Shots fired at the young American redhead and her Scottish lover, amiright? Seriously though, Sam Heughan may have confidence in his small screen sexual prowess with his onscreen lady lover, but he also has good reason to be confident. There’s a reason outlets have hailed Outlander as TV’s sexiest show and some fans even can't contain themselves and get a little frisky around the cast.

Let’s just say that doesn’t have nearly as much to do with Bree and Roger as it does with Claire and Jamie.

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The good news? This quote from Sam Heughan to TV Insider also comes with the added knowledge -- and minor spoilers! -- that Claire and Jamie will kiss like 10 minutes into the first episode of the Starz’s upcoming Season 5. The bad news? Well, that pesky notation that they are grandparents will come up during the upcoming season, as well.

In fact, according to this new report, some efforts at lovemaking will be foiled by all the family living on Fraser’s Ridge. And this doesn’t just include Bree and Roger’s days being interrupted by a new baby, which would be expected; it will include Jamie and Claire trying to have a moment alone, as well.

If that sounds frustrating for you as a viewer, just remember that shooting Outlander comes with its own set of hardships. In the same interview, Sophie Skelton, who plays Bree, talked about filming Outlander Season 5 in the cold until 4 a.m. on some days. By the end of the shoot, she was cracking jokes about her character not even wanting to be with poor Roger anymore. (And after all that man did to get back to her too!)

The Droughtlander will finally be ending next month, with new episodes hitting the schedule just after Valentine's Day on February 16. Starz previously said the delay on the new season until 2020 had to do with scheduling around some of the network's other originals. Whatever the reason, the wait is almost over and we can't wait to laugh and cry alongside the Frasers during sad moments, happy moments, and of course the more tender ones.

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