The Internet Has Some Blunt Thoughts About Globes Winner Parasite Becoming A TV Series

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Parasite just won the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film this past weekend, and the buzz surrounding the movie has recently taken a new turn. A detour into television, that is. As you probably suspected, the internet has an opinion on the film becoming a TV show, and it's not great. First, some context.

News recently broke that negotiations had begun with HBO for Bong Joon-ho’s critically acclaimed movie, Parasite, to be adapted into a limited series for the premium cabler, per Deadline. The series would be based on the film. Further details regarding the plot and other elements relating to the nature of the show, have not been revealed yet. And, this has led to lots of open questions for the internet to speculate on.

Parasite’s director, Bong Joon-ho, and Succession producer Adam McKay, are set to team on the project for HBO. This deal was struck after Bong Joon-ho was reportedly courted by Netflix. The duo will be collaborating on the television adaptation with Parasite’s backing studio CJ Entertainment, McKay’s Hyperobject Industries, and Dooho Choi’s Kate Street Picture Company. Unfortunately, the internet is largely against the Parasite series.

A petition has already been launched in hopes of giving voice to those who do not want a series based on 2019’s highest-grossing foreign film in the United States. The Parasite TV show has not aired yet, but it already has a petition! Check it out:

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The person who posted the petition actually seems a little bit blasé about it with their "LMAO," but others have not been so pleasant about a Parasite show:

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Twitter has been home to some reactions that were more enthusiastic over the Parasite TV show. While some are content with leaving the movie’s story where it ended and not continuing the beloved film, others are more open to seeing what happens with it. One commentator brought up a recent adaption and hit show to make their point. Check it out:

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Bong Joon-ho's involvement is a vital component that series has in its corner. As for Watchmen, it had a well-received first season on HBO. Meanwhile, the HBO drama Succession is heading into Season 3 with more support behind it than ever. Still, others are not as enthused by the prospect of a Parasite TV show, and, for a very good reason if you're a fan of the film:

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It's still way too soon to tell what HBO's Parasite will have in store for viewers, but there was a Twitter user ready to embrace the bright side to the news, even though this person clearly isn't totally on board:

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More films from Bong Joon-ho are definitely a great thing for fans to look forward to. The future is looking fantastic for the director, who has weighed in on superhero movies. Following Parasite’s Golden Globe win, all eyes are on the breakout hit and its awards season run. The Oscar nominations are right around the corner!

The internet will have to wait and see what happens with the Parasite TV show. It is still in the early stages, and as more details are revealed, opinions may swing any number of directions. Television is an ever-growing canvas for creatives to work their magic!

Considering the early stages of the project, there is currently no premiere date for the Parasite series on HBO. While you await one, you can check out this winter’s premieres.

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