Laura Dern And Baby Yoda Are Somehow The New It Couple And I'm Here For It

Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian
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Laura Dern is coming off a huge night at the Golden Globes last weekend. The famed Big Little Lies actress took home the Best Supporting trophy for Marriage Story. But, it sounds like it’s not the only shiny new thing in her life. Laura Dern said she saw Baby Yoda at a basketball game and now she’s hinting at some kind of whirlwind romance with the adorable Star Wars character. Just check out Dern’s latest bit about Baby Yoda:

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What? Laura Dern really says the darnest things, but it’s why we love her. It all started at the red carpet for the Gotham Awards back in December. Variety asked her about the Star Wars character… you know since she’s also part of the franchise as Vice Admiral Holdo. Check out her bizarre, yet hilarious response:

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Of course it went viral, too. It’s a match made in heaven. Laura Dern and Baby Yoda are universally adored! As explored with Stephen Colbert, everyone started talking about the pair. Investigations were in the works. Since Dern kept such a straight face while talking about the force sensitive bundle of joy, some theorized that she thought she had mistaken Baby Yoda for the name of a rapper or this Little Women co-star. Take a look:

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That’s definitely Laura Dern at a basketball game. She was rooting on the Boston Celtics with Timothée Chalamet a couple days after discussing Baby Yoda. Was it a nickname for the soon-to-be Bob Dylan star? Or did he join her in hopes of another Baby Yoda sighting? Dern has set the record straight. She’s got a thing for The Mandalorian star. He’s everything she’s been looking for. In her words to Stephen Colbert:

I mean, as a baby, he’s a 50-year-old baby – so I mean it’s not inappropriate…. I said to my friends, the next man I want to be with, I want him to be incredibly wise, great sense of humor, I don’t mind being the taller one. You know, I didn’t mention green, but you never know what you’re going to get. I’m very open minded and those eyes! I can’t tell you. When you say ‘I just want to look into my eyes forever,’ he’s definitely going to be doing that.

It certainly has us wondering how Baby Yoda’s sworn protector The Mandalorian thinks about the whole thing? Does Pedro Pascal’s Din Djarin chaperone their dates? Does he approve? Will we find out in season 2? You can add this to our biggest questions after the recent season finale.

Can we just keep this bit going? I’m so here for it. Laura Dern going on talk shows and just gushing about Baby Yoda like they are in some sort of intergalactic relationship! It’s strange but Laura Dern has hit the right note with it to make it work – staying incredibly wholesome about the whole thing!

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