The Arrow Series Finale Won't Be The Last Time We See Diggle

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Arrow is ending, Oliver Queen is dead, and outside of a spinoff that takes place in the future, it's unclear how much the show's characters will impact the rest of the Arrow-verse moving forward. With that said, David Ramsey will appear as John Diggle in another Arrow-verse show after the Arrow finale. Strap in for speedster fun, and maybe grab a barf bag, because Diggle's headed to Central City for The Flash.

The CW has released photos for The Flash episode "Marathon," and John Diggle is seen hanging out with Barry and Iris in their lavish apartment. The details surrounding his visit are not known, but Barry appears to be examining something in a picture from the episode.

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Is that a pair of swim goggles? Probably not, but the angle is awkward so it's hard to determine exactly what the two of them are looking at so intently. It could be related to the plot of "Marathon," where Barry will finally deal with the changes in his life post-Crisis, and hopefully fulfill Oliver's wish he had for Barry they talked about in the mega crossover. Diggle's arrival may play a part in that, as could this strange device they're examining.

It's also possible that Diggle is in town to lend a hand to Team Flash after Iris finds herself in a bit of trouble. She's being targeted by criminals after a big article she ran in The Citizen, and will be working to take down this evil organization. Given the potential danger involved, it wouldn't hurt to have someone with A.R.G.U.S. connections around for backup.

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Diggle's appearance continues the mourning period for Oliver Queen, which will almost certainly be addressed at some point on The Flash. Barry and Oliver were close, and who better to talk about their dynamic than Oliver's best friend?

Perhaps the talking will go both ways, as appearing on The Flash will give Diggle some more friends to talk to post-Oliver. He's seen here getting a hug from Iris, though it's possible she could just be thanking him for helping out on something entirely unrelated to Oliver's death.

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David Ramsey appearing on The Flash post-Arrow is exciting, and certainly leaves the door open for more former Arrow stars to appear in the future. I would wager more appearances like this will happen in the Arrow-verse in general, especially with the 20 year gap that takes place between Arrow and the Mia Smoak-centered spinoff, assuming that gets a series order. Ideally, The Flash can be one of those shows that checks in with key characters of the spinoff.

The Flash returns to The CW Tuesday, February 4 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Stick with CinemaBlend for all the latest news happening in television and movies.

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