Did The Good Place Series Finale Feature A Parks And Rec Character?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Good Place series finale. Read at your own risk!

The Good Place is over, and managed to give a satisfying and conclusive ending to its wild series. Though everything with the main characters and where they went was explained in full, there was one surprise in the episode that may have sent Parks and Rec fans into a frenzy. Nick Offerman's appearance was certainly a cool moment, but was that really Ron Swanson hanging out with Tahani in The Good Place?

For those that missed the scene, Tahani was on a quest to master many different skills in the afterlife. The Good Place scene opened with her finishing up woodwork, and actor Nick Offerman playing a man observing her work. As Parks and Rec fans may remember, Offerman's Ron Swanson knew his way around a wood shop, and would be the perfect teacher for the skill in the afterlife. Of course, others also know that Offerman is generally known for his woodworking skills, and he would also be a perfectly suitable mentor for anyone looking to master the art.

So, was it Ron Swanson or Nick Offerman in The Good Place? The answer is in the end credits, which rolled on the lower third screen during Seth Meyers' post-show interview with the cast. With no ambiguity at all, the credits confirmed it was Nick Offerman playing himself, and there was no Parks and Rec crossover in the finale.

It wouldn't have been surprising if The Good Place did throw in a Parks and Rec crossover considering its past, though. Last season, the Good Place crew decided to feature Li'l Sebastian in an episode, which ramped up speculation from fans that Mike Schur was willing to bring the characters from his other shows into the afterlife comedy. The opportunity was certainly there with Nick Offerman, but apparently Schur and crew decided to let the buck stop at the tiny pony.

In hindsight, the moment was reminiscent of the time Ted Danson's Michael tended bar. The moment went just as far as it needed to pay homage to the Cheers reference people would've liked to see, but stopped short. In a way it's almost more satisfying for me personally, as it didn't do enough to distract from the biggest moments in the episode. Ron Swanson appearing would've definitely stolen a bit of spotlight from the rest of the cast, and a well-executed finale.

The Good Place has ended, but fans will always have memories and episodes on streaming to remind them of Blake Bortles and all the other high points of the series. Stick with CinemaBlend to find out what's new to watch, and for the latest news happening in the world of television and movies.

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