Altered Carbon Season 2: 10 Huge Questions We Still Need Answered After Season 1

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Altered Carbon is back after a two-year absence, which is exciting for anyone who fell in love with the Netflix original during Season 1. Of course, two years away is almost a lifetime in television years, and like the characters in the series, remembering the major events of Season 1 may be as difficult as a re-sleeved human remembering an event from a couple hundred years back.

Altered Carbon Season 2 should, if it stays close to the source material, feel like a whole new adventure. Even so, there will be some hanging plot threads from Season 1 fans will want to see addressed, even if their memory is a bit hazy. I know I have some major questions I'd like to see answered, if only to further make sense of one of the coolest and craziest sci-fi shows I've seen in a while.

Rei Altered Carbon Netflix

Is Rei Really Dead?

Altered Carbon Season 1 really put Takeshi Kovacs in a tough spot, as one of the main antagonists of the season ended up being his own sister. Takeshi was forced to take out Rei in a bloody fight, which ended in him shooting her in the Stack. It's one of the few things that can truly mean perma-death in Altered Carbon, though her final words "I will never stop," may imply she has a copy of herself somewhere. If Rei is around in Season 2, I can't imagine it'll take long for viewers to find out.

Altered Carbon Takeshi Kovacs Netflix

Who Is This New Sleeve?

Anthony Mackie is the re-sleeved Takeshi Kovacs in Altered Carbon Season 2, but who is he really? Much like how Kovacs was re-sleeved into a body that belonged to someone else before him, the same could be true of this new body. Will this sleeve have a strong connection to any new characters we meet in Season 2? It's certainly possible, though knowing that this body was gotten before he went off planet makes me think Takeshi will be a stranger to many in this new place.

Altered Carbon Laurens Bancroft Netflix

Are All Meth's Bad?

Altered Carbon Season 1 taught us that while many people can cheat death in this universe, the ultra wealthy, or "Meths," can live indefinitely if they so choose. Laurens Bancroft showed that a long life can remove one's humanity, and really may have shown that humans maybe don't need to live forever. Are all Meth's like Bancroft? It's a question I'd love to see addressed in Altered Carbon Season 2, though I fear the answer may be yes. At least the passing of Proposition 653 (which allows victims to be spun up to testify post-mortem) may do a better job at keeping some folks in line.

Quellcrist Falconer Altered Carbon Netflix

Will Takeshi Find Quell?

Rei mentioned before her death she had a way of bringing Quell back. As Season 1 of Altered Carbon revealed that's something Takeshi wants, so it wouldn't be surprising if he were to try and find that Stack that Rei took. If Takeshi should find it in Season 2, will he resurrect Quell? Remember, she was pretty adamant on the fact that humans weren't meant to live forever, so returning may not be something she's wanting to have happen. Part of Season 2's story will draw on Takeshi's quest for Quell, so it's possible this decision will be a key part of the season.

Joel Kinnaman Takeshi Kovacs Altered Carbon Netflix

Will Joel Kinnaman Make An Appearance As Takeshi?

Joel Kinnaman played Takeshi Kovacs in Altered Carbon Season 1, but as those who watched know, that was only a temporary sleeve. Kovacs switched out his sleeve at the end of Season 1, and now will appear in Season 2 looking like actor Anthony Mackie. Kinnaman was unsure he'd appear in the series again given the ending, though a trailer for the series showed his image in a reflection. Is it possible Kinnamen's Takeshi will appear via new scenes from flashbacks? If so, what would be the reason for bringing him back?

Takeshi Kovacs Altered Carbon Netflix

How Will Re-Sleeving Effect Takeshi?

In the future the whole death problem has been solved, though switching bodies is not a perfect process. Stacks can inherit the memories of the bodies they inhabit, and also experience the trauma of particularly violent deaths. We know next to nothing about Takeshi's new sleeve in Altered Carbon Season 2, or where Takeshi is going. Could he be getting called to a new location motivated by his sleeve, or does he have a plan for his next move following the events of Season 1? In either case, it's highly likely he'll have some hurdles in getting accustomed to his new skin.

Poe Altered Carbon Netflix

How Will Poe Return?

Fun fact, the original "Poe" in Altered Carbon was actually "Hendrix" in the novels. The estate of the singer didn't want his likeness in a violent Netflix original, so the switch was made to Edgar Allen Poe. Poe became a quick favorite to many, so it's no surprise that Netflix would want him back in Season 2. I'm curious though how Poe will manage to follow Takeshi on his journey considering he is an AI bound to The Raven and was believed to be killed. Did Takeshi find a way to upload him to some sort of chip? I guess we'll find out.

Altered Carbon Netflix

Will Altered Carbon Season 2 Be Really Different Than Season 1?

Altered Carbon Season 2 takes place decades after the events of Season 1, which means viewers will re-visit Takeshi Kovacs in a radically different setting. Perhaps not though, considering death is relative, though interplanetary travel may result in at least some change in scenery. We do know that Season 2 will take Takeshi back to his home world of Harlan's World, where he'll be solving another mystery that unexpectedly ties to his quest for Quell. In general terms it looks like there's some familiarity, though I wouldn't be surprised if this show looks completely differently aesthetically being set in a new world with a new lead.

Ortega Altered Carbon Netflix

Are Kovacs And Ortega Finished?

At the end of Altered Carbon Season 1, it certainly feels like there's a potential future for Kovacs and Ortega. Of course, he then goes off-world to search out more answers in regards to Quell, so it seems like things between them are over. This may be especially true given the decades time jump between seasons, though we can't say with all out certainty she won't be in the story again. Perhaps if Kovacs is unable to bring back Quell he could come back to her again.

Takeshi Kovacs Altered Carbon Season 2 Netflix

What Else Has Happened In Takeshi's Past?

Altered Carbon Season 1 featured flashbacks to OG Takeshi's past, which helped flesh out the story between him, Quell, and his sister Rei. Viewers were given an idea of what Takeshi was like before being re-sleeved centuries later, though I can't help but think there's far more to his story than what we've seen so far. I'd love to see more of his time in service of the Interstellar Protectorate, or more on the time before he caught back up with Rei. Realistically, I think Altered Carbon Season 2 will feature past flashbacks to his childhood, considering the return to Harlan's World.

Altered Carbon Netflix

Will Altered Carbon Continue Past Season 2?

Altered Carbon Season 2 hasn't even premiered yet, though some fans may be curious on whether or not Netflix will carry on the series after this upcoming adventure. There is a third novel in the Takeshi Kovacs series that can be adapted, so there is material to go off of. Author Richard Morgan said the show could ideally run for five seasons and that he may not be done creating adventures if that were the case. In short, Altered Carbon's future may ultimately rest on the fanbase it's gained, and what additional eyes it may reach in Season 2.

Altered Carbon Netflix

Are There Even More Ways Of Cheating Death?

In the world of Altered Carbon, there are quite a few ways to cheat death. Some are illegal, some are expensive, and other ways don't seem like they'd be worth any form of life that comes after. Personally, I'm particularly interested in seeing if there's anyway a blown Stack can be salvaged and put back into a sleeve, if only to leave an opening for characters who were actually killed in Season 1 to make another return. Of course, I suppose if there's always a way to bring a character back the stakes are kind of lowered, so maybe it's best if only the current courses of survival are available.

Altered Carbon (opens in new tab) Season 2 is headed to Netflix on Thursday, February 27 at 3:00 a.m. ET. As always, be sure to stick with CinemaBlend for an update on what's happening in the world of streaming, and for the latest news happening in television and movies. Got some questions of your own regarding the upcoming season of the Netflix original? List them all in the comments below, and sound off on our poll on whether or not you'll be watching Altered Carbon Season 2.

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