5 Breaking Bad Characters We’re Still Waiting On In Better Call Saul Season 5

We’re excited about Better Call Saul Season 5. Really excited. Ever since Breaking Bad went off the air, Better Call Saul has been a suitable replacement that has at times even surpassed its predecessor in quality. We do heart us some Better Call Saul, and we’re excited to see how it all ends. That said, while there are many connections between Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad, especially with the Mike and Gus storyline, there are some key Breaking Bad characters who have still not turned up on BCS, and we’re just hoping they finally make an appearance sometime down the road because we miss them.

Now, we already know that Hank and Gomez will be returning, and we’ve gotten a whole bunch of how-to videos from the characters, but what we really want to know (besides who that creep at the beginning of season 4 was driving the taxi) is when some of our fan-favorite characters are going to make a return. In no particular order, here are the characters from Breaking Bad we would most like to see pop up in Better Call Saul, and in what capacity.

Skinny Pete, played by Charles Baker

Skinny Pete

“I’m Skinny Pete!” Last we saw Skinny Pete, played by Charles Baker, he was giving Jesse his car so Jesse could make his getaway in the Breaking Bad movie, El Camino. Prior to that, he was working with his friend, Badger, to help Walt by using some laser pointers. In other words, Skinny Pete gets around.

But we would love to see Skinny Pete in Season 5 of Better Call Saul, either in a flash forward, but more interestingly in the main story line. What was he like prior to Breaking Bad? Was he already a small-time drug dealer back then? Would we see Saul helping Skinny Pete out of a bind? If he were to appear in BCS, that’s the way we would imagine it. A small-time drug dealer getting some legal advice. It would mostly only be a cameo, but it would be a worthy one to expand the drug scene in the Breaking Bad world.

Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman

Jesse Pinkman

“Yeah, bitch!” Even though we literally just saw Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul, again in El Camino, it would be great to see Jesse again. Like Skinny Pete, it could either be in a flash forward, or in the main story line. But unlike Skinny Pete, it would probably be more interesting to see Jesse in the future rather than the past.

The reason why is because Jesse just got closure at the end of El Camino. But it would be interesting to see if his past will continue to haunt him, even though it looks like he will finally get some much deserved peace. We already know that Ed the Vacuum Man, played by the late Robert Forster, will be returning in this season of Better Call Saul. But will it be because loose ends have finally caught up to Saul? And if so, could they also be catching up to Jesse?

Krysten Ritter as Jane

Jane Margolis

We miss Jane. Played by Krysten Ritter, we last saw Jane in a bittersweet scene in El Camino. But before that, we saw her overdosing and choking on her own vomit while Walter White watched. Obviously, since her’s was a tragic story, we’d ultimately like to see her return on much more stable ground.

And we think she could make that return in the main story as somebody who might be just getting into drugs and is not fully into them yet. Seeing her again falling into addiction would be depressing since we know her ultimate outcome, but it would be nice just to see her again since, as we said before, we miss Jane, and she was gone way too soon on the show.

Tortuga played by Danny Trejo


Honestly, we just want some more Danny Trejo. That’s who played the ill-fated Tortuga. And last we saw him, his head was taking a ride on the back of an actual tortuga, which was pretty much it for the Cartel drug runner.

But here’s the thing. We’ve already seen Don Eladio in a flashback scene with Hector Salamanca on Better Call Saul. Why couldn’t we have a scene with Tortuga, with head still attached, in a flashback scene? Honestly, out of all the choices on this list, this one is probably the most likely. Plus, he’s the only one on this list who wasn’t in El Camino. So, come on, Vince Gilligan. Danny Trejo is due to make another appearance!

Bryan Cranston is Heisenberg

Walter White

Walter White is pretty much the character every Breaking Bad fan wants to see on Better Call Saul, because of course he would be. We last saw him in a brief scene in El Camino at a diner with Jesse, and also bleeding out at the end of Breaking Bad. He was the main protagonist/antagonist on the show that we all fell in love with. How could he not make an appearance?

Well, here’s the thing. If he were to make an appearance, it would obviously have to be in the main story line since he’s dead. El Camino all but confirmed it. But how would he make an appearance? Well, it would pretty much only have to be a cameo, as he would still be a teacher at this point. But it could be a memorable one. Like perhaps Gus passes him in the hallways of his school, since Gus was all over New Mexico, and Walt wouldn’t know him at that point, and would likely just pass him by. Either way, it would be criminal if Walt didn't make even a little appearance on the show that he helped spawn.

In the end, will any of these characters make an appearance on Better Call Saul? It’s hard to say, but you can fault us for wishing. Any one of them would be an awesome addition, and we're hoping they make an appearance at least somewhere down the line.

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