Better Call Saul Season 5: 10 Huge Questions We Still Need Answered From Season 4

Saul, Gus, and Mike, having a sit down

When AMC greenlit Better Call Saul after five glorious seasons of Breaking Bad, we had no idea how hooked we would be. But here we are, already going into Season 5 with a slew of questions that we still need answered from Season 4. The great news is that season 5 is said to be the best season yet. We also know that two Breaking Bad alums will make an appearance in Season 5, and that Season 6 will be its last.

But there’s still a ton of questions that we want answered from Season 4 that we hope get addressed this new season. And while we tried calling Saul ourselves to get answers, we still have a lot of lingering questions. As always, spoilers ahead if you aren’t caught up with the series yet.

Saul in a flash-forward

Who Was the Taxi Driver Who Picked up Jimmy From the Hospital in the flash forward?

In yet another flash forward to start the season, we saw Jimmy as "Gene" collapse at the Cinnabon he works at and he had to be rushed to the hospital. But when he was picked up in a taxi, the driver had an Albuquerque air freshener, and we saw that Jimmy didn't trust the driver. When Jimmy got dropped back off at his home, he hid behind some curtains, and we got an overwhelming sense of dread that his past was finally catching up with him.

We know that the late Robert Forster, who helped both Jimmy and Walt erase their identities, will make an appearance in season 5. But could he possibly play a role in people finding Jimmy? One has to wonder just how long Jimmy can hide out before the past finally comes back to haunt him. And these fast forwards have to have some kind of purpose since we've been seeing them since Season 1. When the series is all said and done, will we ultimately see that Jimmy McGill gets Jimmy McKilled? (Sorry).

"Lalo" Salamanca at the wheel

Why is Lalo Salamanca really with Hector?

After Nacho’s botched job of killing Hector, “Lalo” Salamanca came in to watch over the operations while Hector was convalescing. But he kind of came out of nowhere, and he seemed to be watching Nacho very closely. He even gave Hector his famous bell! I kind of got the feeling that Lalo had more of a role than just being Hector's babysitter.

One of the intriguing aspects of Better Call Saul being a prequel is that many of these characters aren't in Breaking Bad, and we're left wondering why. Could Lalo kill Nacho in the near future? Could Nacho kill Lalo? It's hard to say, but it will be uncomfortable to watch Nacho die if it's the former. He's quickly become a fan favorite, and most of us only want to see him come out of all of this alive.

Nacho looking spooked

Does Nacho Have Some Kind of Escape Plan In Mind?

After Nacho's partner, Arturo, was murdered in cold blood right in front of him, Nacho had been scared for his life. But with incident after incident, it looked like Nacho was not long for this world.

But is Nacho hatching some kind of scheme to escape? He's a smart guy, and even though he seems to be cornered, there is always the possibility that Nacho won't end up dying after all.The only problem with this theory is that it doesn't align with the karmic cycle that Breaking Bad loves to espouse. Besides Jesse, nobody really seems to escape this world with a sense of peacefulness. Our guess? Nacho will survive this season, but will end up getting offed in Season 6.

Gus Fring, chicken mogul

Does Gus Know About Jimmy McGill, and Will Their Paths Cross Again?

Gus and Jimmy have already crossed paths, but Gus hired Mike, so one has to wonder if he is also aware of Jimmy. He probably is, right? Gus seems to know just about everybody in town. He also has powerful ties and likely has a listing of every lawyer in New Mexico. The question is, will Gus and Jimmy meet again? And if they do, will their story lines finally connect in Season 5?

Unfortunately, I think that the story lines of Gus Fring and Jimmy McGill are entirely separate in Better Call Saul, which is a shame. For some reason, the Jimmy A story, and the Mike B story don't really have much to connect them together, except for Mike himself, of course. If anything, it seems like the Mike story line has been worked in to make a connection with Breaking Bad for fans of the cartel underbelly. But besides that great scene in Season 1 with Tuco, I don't really foresee Gus and Jimmy's story lines intertwining. It's probably the only real problem I have with the show--It feels like two entirely different stories.

Mike, probably thinking about his granddaughter

Has Mike Finally Broken Bad?

In one of the weirder story lines in Season 4, Mike worked with a bunch of hired contractors to help build a meth lab for Gus. A great portion of the series concerned Mike finding just the right people for the job, and when he did, he watched over them as they worked at night, and played in a facility during the day. But then the men grew bored after a while since they were not permitted to leave. One such man, named Werner, grew so tired of staying cooped up in the facility, that he decided to leave and see his wife. Mike tried to warn him, but ultimately had to kill him, turning his heart even blacker than it already was after the death of his son.

In a lot of ways, Mike already broke bad long before Better Call Saul started, but you could see it in Mike's eyes that he truly didn't want to kill Werner. And once he did, there was a coldness in his face that showed a resolve that he would never show sympathy again. I think Season 5 will be when we fully see Mike turn into the man he is on Breaking Bad. He'll still have a heart and feel bad for people, but murdering Werner was probably the tipping point. There is no turning back from that.

Gus, meet Gale

What Role Will Gale Play in the Show?

In Episode 3 of Season 4, we finally got introduced to Breaking Bad alum, Gale, who was acting weird as always. It was at a university, and Gus was slyly asking him about how the meth was coming along. Gale pretty much affirmed that the meth was coming along just fine.

But as we already know, Gale ends up not doing such a great job, which is why Walt is brought in during Breaking Bad. It will be interesting to see if Gale gets any other partners along the way as he starts to make meth for Gus's empire. Personally, I think Gale is going to do a pretty bad job early on, and Gus will likely grow quietly frustrated with him. You know how Gus is. Pleasant and kind, until he's not.

Is Howard Cut Out For Leading a Law Firm Alone?

Following his partner, Chuck's, death, Howard had become a wreck. He lost sleep, lost his will to go on, and lost his feeling of how to run the law firm. He also felt immense guilt over his partner's death and even Kim laid into him over it. Howard was probably the most sympathetic character of the season, given how deeply Chuck's suicide impacted him.

This will be interesting in Season 5. We already get a sense that Howard really has no business running a law firm by himself, and even Jimmy has to rouse him out of his moping. But I think Howard's might be the most uplifting story of them all once he finally gets his act together. While he may have started off as a real prick, his motivations were revealed throughout the series once we realized that he was only trying to appease Chuck and actually liked Jimmy. Now that he's on his own, I think he's going to finally strike out and be his own man.

Chuck and Jimmy sharing a moment

How Badly Does Jimmy Really Mourn Over His Brother's Death?

The cover art for Season 4 of a heartbroken Jimmy holding up a smiling picture of his face said it all that Jimmy was hurting inside over his brother's suicide. After beating his brother in court in season 3, Chuck's death was almost entirely Jimmy's fault, and Jimmy knew it. The whole of Season 4 was built around this guilt. But just how much does Jimmy really mourn his brother's death, and how responsible does he truly feel?

I think Chuck's death will continue to push Jimmy to the dark side. When Chuck reminded his brother that he would always be "slippin' Jimmy," in his eyes, it pushed Jimmy even farther away. And now he's realizing just how far he's been pushed and he's going to embrace it. For most of the series, we've seen Jimmy trying to live up to his brother's standards, but now that Chuck's dead, Jimmy is going to let it go like Elsa from Frozen and really turn into Slippin' Jimmy. There's no holding back now.

"It's S'all good, man!"

Will We Get the Saul Goodman We Saw on Breaking Bad in Season 5?

The very last line of Season 4 was Jimmy pronouncing that "It's s'all good, man," after he got permission to practice law again. This was after he faked his devotion to his brother, Chuck, and said that he wanted to bring honor to the McGill name, which, by Jimmy's own admission to Kim was complete bull crap.

Given that there will be another season after this one, I have a feeling that Jimmy is going to struggle with actually coming to grips with being his own man. Chuck's death will likely play over and over in his head. And even if we don't get to see Chuck this season (so far, he's not in any cast listings), you can believe that Chuck's presence will be felt anytime Jimmy strays too far into the Saul Goodman we know and love from Breaking Bad.

Kim looking at Jimmy in better call saul

What's Going To Happen With Kim And Jimmy's Relationship?

When Jimmy told Kim that he really didn't care about his brother and was just using him to get his law license back, you could see Kim's face transform from happiness to disbelief while Jimmy continued to gleefully talk up his efforts. The question for next season, and really, the question fans have been wondering for the entirety of the series is: Can Kim and Jimmy's relationship survive now that Jimmy has resolved to become Saul Goodman?

The answer, plain and simple, is no. Kim is not in Breaking Bad, and while there are some fan theories that Kim possibly dies or that she goes to jail because of Jimmy, my theory is that she will just go off and form her own law practice. Vince Gilligan hinted that he would possibly want to do a Kim Wexler spin-off, and she's just too good to let go. She'll probably stick with Saul in Season 5, and then go off to do her own thing in Season 6. As for how it all actually plays out, we'll have to wait and see.

Whatever happens in Season 5, hopefully, the show will keep on surprising. That is, after all, what keeps us tuning in week after week.

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