Here's What Disney+ Is Adding In March 2020

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February is a short month and that of course means that it's already almost over. March is almost here, and with it comes a new batch of content on Disney+. As per usual, there's still a solid batch of original content joiing Disney+ every Friday, with a collection of classic Disney, Fox, and National Geographic material sprinkled throughout the rest of the month to keep things interesting.

The biggest addition to Disney+ in March will come at the very beginning of the month. Black Panther will have completed its run on Netflix as of the end of February, and Disney+ will be wasting no time moving the biggest movie of 2018 to the service, with it set to arrive March 4.

Sunday, March 1

Doctor Dolittle 2

Ice Age

Wednesday, March 4

Black Panther

Thursday, March 5

Bedtime Stories

While there's plenty of Marvel content on Disney+, when it comes to the actual Marvel Cinematic Universe films, there's still a decent number of them missing in action, so seeing Black Panther join Disney+ will be something fans will be excited to see. And the fact that Black Panther is making the transition so quickly is good news that we won't need to wait around when other movies transition off of Netflix over the next couple years.

The first Friday of March will bring the standard release of episodes of original Disney+ shows. The highlight for March 6, and the next few Fridays, will certainly be the continuation of the final season of The Clone Wars, which will be up to Episode 3 by this point. But if there's another Disney+ series that you love, they're all here.

However, the major Disney+ original release for the month will come the following week when Stargirl, the next Disney+ Original Movie arrives. That same day, we're getting the first season of what appears to be the classic Zorro series from the 1950s, something old school Disney fans have been waiting for.


Friday, March 6

The Finest Hours (Returning Title)

Three on the Run

Diary of a Future President - Episode 108 - Matters of Diplomacy

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Episode 703 - On the Wings of Keeradaks

Marvel’s Hero Project - Episode 118 - Genius Gitanjali

Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings - Episode 204 - Pandoran Wedding

Shop Class - Episode 102 - Justin's Biggest Fan

Disney Family Sundays - Episode 118 - Zootopia: Bracelets

One Day At Disney - Episode 114 - Kris Becker: Animal Keeper

Friday, March 13

Wicked Tuna (S3-8)

Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks (S1-6)

Zorro - Second Series (S1)


Diary of a Future President - Episode 109 - State of the Union

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Episode 704 - Unfinished Business

Marvel’s Hero Project - Episode 119 - Astonishing Austin

Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings - Episode 205 - Made for Loving You

Shop Class - Episode 103 - Ramps & Champs

Disney Family Sundays - Episode 119 - The Muppets: Pom Poms

One Day At Disney - Episode 115 - Leah Buono: Casting Director

Sunday, March 15


Tuesday, March 17

Big Hero 6 The Series (S2)

The end of March will see some Disney+ original shows wrap up their runs, at least for the moment. Both Diary of a Future President and Marvel's Hero Project, the latter of which has been running since the first day Disney+ went live, will end their runs on March 20. At this point, it's unclear if either show will be back for a Season 2.

However, while two shows might be ending, another will be taking its place, as the following week we'll see the first episode of Be Our Chef, a Disney-themed cooking competition show that will pit families against each other and be judged by the chefs of the various Disney resorts. As a fan of cooking shows in general, I'm waiting for this one.

A Wrinkle in Tme

Friday, March 20

I Didn’t Do It (S1-2)

Playtime with Puppy Dog Pals: Puppy Playcare (S2)

Vampirina Ghoul Girls Rock! (S2)

Diary of a Future President - Finale - Episode 110 - Two Party System

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Episode 705 - Gone With a Trace

Marvel’s Hero Project - Finale - Episode 120 - High-Flying Hailey

Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings - Episode 206 - Wedding GOALS!

Shop Class - Episode 104 - Bridge or Bust

Disney Family Sundays - Episode 120 - Winnie the Pooh: Flower Pots

One Day At Disney - Episode 116 - David Muir: World News Tonight Anchor

Wednesday, March 25

A Wrinkle in Time

Friday, March 27

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Episode 706 - Deal No Deal

Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings - Episode 207 - Te Amo, Mi Amor, Again!

Shop Class - Episode 105 - Boulder Bash

Be Our Chef - Premiere - Episode 101 - Bibbidi Bobbidi Bon Appetit

Disney Family Sundays - Episode 121 - Ratatouille: Chef Hat

One Day At Disney - Episode 117 - Morgan Pope: R&D Imagineer

Another great month of Disney+ is on the way. What are you looking forward to watching first.

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